Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Korean Drama 2011) Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Korean Drama 2011) Episode 01 - (English) TYPE5
Film Date :   December 21, 2011 -
Genre :   Drama   
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Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Korean Drama 2011)

Bachelor's Vegetable Store (Korean Drama 2011) Episode 01 - (English) TYPE5

(총각네 야채가게)is a December 21, 2011 - March 8, 2012 TV series directed by Lee Joon-Hyung(Channel A Episodes 24) South Korea.


"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" is based on the true story of Lee Young-Suk who started selling vegetable at a small store in 1998 and now owns 33 vegetable stores nationwide.


In his youth, Tae-Yang (later played by Ji Chang-Wook ) lived with his grandmother and younger sister Tae-In (later played by Lee Se-Young ). His mother passed away and his father abandoned him. Tae-Yang's best friend is Jin-Sim (later played by Wang Ji-Hye ). Jin-Sim is an orphan who lived in an orphanage attached to a church. Their secret play area was an abandoned car.

Tae-Yang often goes to the traditional market with his younger sister Tae-In and picks up discarded vegetables to take home. One day, some of his classmates learn of Tae-Yang and Jin-Sim's situation. When students start to tease him about his poor situation, Jin-Shim kisses Tae-Yang. Jin-Shim tells him that she kissed him because the kids will think of the kiss rather than about his poor background. Tae-Young is filled with happiness when he hears and decides to buy Jin-Shim a present. He decides on a pager. To make money to buy the pager, Tae-Young begins selling vegetables in the street. His younger sister Tae-In helps him. But, an older kid in the neighborhood takes his money by force. Another time, Tae-Yang sells vegetables at the traditional market and the same kid demands Tae-Yang's money. People begin to gather around and start to scold the bully. Tae-Yang then tells the people that gathered around that the kid isn't demanding his money. The bully, grateful for Tae-Yang's action, takes him to the backdoor of restaurant and introduces the lady there to Tae-Yang. Tae-Young now has his first regular customer.

Meanwhile, Jin-Sim steals a glance at a mother and daughter at church. The mother is Kang-Sun and the daughter is Ga-On. Jin-Sim wishes she had a mother like Kang-Sun. Kang-Sun runs a children's clothing store.

One day, Jin-Sim stands outside of the children's clothing store and looks through the window. The store owner's daugher Ga-On sees Jin-Sim peering through the window and invites her inside. Jin-Sim burns her hand by hot tea in the store and the store owner and daughter takes her to the hospital. When the nurse asks who Jin-Sim's mother is, Kang-Sun replies that she is her mother. Jin-Sim is deeply touched by that. After that day, Jin-Sim and Ga-On becomes best friends. They even start to share a diary. Tae-Yang starts to feel annoyed by Jin-Sim's new best friend, especially when she takes Ga-On to their special place ... the abandoned car.

Kang-Sun reads an article about company president Mok In-Beom going through a divorce. That evening, Kang-Sun calls Mok In-Beom and they make an appoint to meet when Ga-On is ready. In the past, Kang-Sun and Mok In-Beom were in love, but because of Kang-Sun's poor background Mok In-Beom's parents opposed their relationship. Nevertheless, Mok In-Beom was in love with Kang-Sun and willing to give up everything for her. Instead, Kang-Sun asked In-Beom to become powerful enough that they could start a family. She left with their baby Ga-On.

One day, Tae-Yang, his younger sister Tae-In, Jin-Shim and Ga-On are all together on the street. Tae-Yang, his younger sister Tae-In and Jin-Sim sells vegetables together, while Ga-On plays the violin. Kang-Sun happens to walk by and becomes angry to see her daughter playing the violin on the street. Ga-On runs away. Later that night, Jin-Sim goes to Kang-Sun's clothing store to return Ga-On's violin. There, Kang-Sun blames Jin-Sim for Ga-On's behavior and asks Jin-Sim to not see Ga-On anymore. Jin-Sim is devastated by those words. She goes to the abandoned car by herself and cries.

Tae-Yang notices something is wrong with his grandmother. He goes to see his grandmother's doctor to learn what is wrong with her. Tae-Yang then learns that his grandmother has only a short time left to live. Tae-Yang is devastated and also goes to the abandoned car. Now, Tae-Yang and Jin-Sim find each other at the abandoned car in tears.

After attending church, Jin-Sim tells Ga-On what her mother asked. Jin-Sim says that she doesn't want to be friends anymore and leaves. Ga-On waits for Jin-Sim at the abandoned car, but only Tae-Yang arrives there. Ga-On gives their shared diary to Tae-Yang and asks him to give it to Jin-Shim and she will wait for Jin-Shim at the abandoned car tomorrow. The next day at school, Tae-Yang reads the diary. He comes across the latest entry which is written by Ga-On. Ga-On writes that she and her mother will go live with her dad, but she will take Jin-Sim with her and they will love together as a family. Tae-Yang, fearful that he will lose Jin-Sim, tears out that entry before giving it to Jin-Sim. Tae-Yang also doesn't mention that Ga-On will be waiting for her at the abandoned car after school.

Meanwhile, Ga-On waits for Jin-Sim at the abandoned car. Ga-On falls asleep and when she wakes it is dark outside. At this time, Ga-On hears sounds outside. Suddenly, the car door opens and their are two kids standing outside. Ga-On is frightened and runs from them up to a ladder. When the two kids approach her again, Ga-On falls to the ground.

Kang-Sun is extremely worried that Ga-On has not come home yet. Kang-Sun goes and asks Jin-Sim if she knows where her daughter could be. Jin-Sim thinks Ga-On might be at the abandoned car. On the way there they bump into Tae-Yang. Tae-Yang mentions that Ga-On might be there waiting for Jin-Sim. They all rush to the abandoned car together, but Ga-On is not there. They do find Ga-On's favorite doll near the car.

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