Feast of the Gods Feast of the Gods Episode 32 / Multi Language subtitles
Film Date :   February 4, 2012 --
Genre :   Romantic Comedy   
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Feast of the Gods

Feast of the Gods Episode 32 / Multi Language subtitles

(신들의 만찬)is a February 4, 2012 -- TV series directed by Lee Dong-Yoon(MBC Episodes 32) South Korea.


Set within the backdrop of a traditional royal cuisine restaurant named Arirang, "Feast of the Gods" depicts how two women grow as chefs through competitions with each other.


For 15 years, Sung Do-Hee ( Jeon In-Hwa ) and Baek Sul ( Kim Bo-Yeon ) received training to become the master chef and to run the traditional Korean restaurant Arirang. Today is the day, these two will compete for the honor to become master chef. Due to the pressure, Baek Suk burns herself while cooking and loses the competition. Sung Do-Hee becomes the master chef who will run Arirang restaurant. Sung Do-Hee, her husband Ha Young-Beom ( Jeong Dong-Hwan ), their son and daughter Ha In-Joo (later played Sung Yu-Ri ) go on a cruise trip after winning the competition. That evening, her husband Ha Yeong-Beom asks for a divorce, but Sung Do-Hee refuses. While the other family members are sleeping, Sung Do-Hee slashes her wrist. Their young daughter In-Joo wakes up and finds her mother bleeding. In-Joo is shocked and wanders out onto the deck of the cruise ship crying.

Meanwhile, Song Yeon-Woo (later played Seo Hyeon-Jin ) and her mom are on the same cruise ship. Yeon-Woo's mother has cancer and doesn't have many days left to live. That night, Yeon-Woo's cancer stricken mother heads out onto the deck of the ship and prepares to jump to her death. She left a note inside of her daughter's jacket, asking whoever takes care of her daughter to take good care of her. Yeon-Woo's mother about to jump off the ship, sees a young girl that has come out on the deck and is crying. The little girl is In-Joo. In-Joo loses her footing and Yeon-Woo's mother tries to catch her, but they both fall into the ocean.

Ha Young-Beom wakes up and discovers his wife Sung Do-Hee bleeding from her wrist. Soon, they notice that In-Joo is not in their room. The frantic parents and crew members search for In-Joo. Sung-Do-Hee collapses and is eventually hospitalized when the ship lands in Jeju.

Yeon-Woo doesn't know what happened to her mother. She looks all over the boat for her mom. Yeon-Woo gets off the cruise ship alone and wanders aimlessly looking for her mom on Jeju Island. Sung Do-Hee, who ran out of the hospital, finds Yeon-Woo wandering aimlessly and crying. Suddenly, Sung Do-Hee embraces Yeon-Woo and envisions the young girl as her own lost daughter In-Joo. At the hospital, Sung Do-Hee's husband finds a note inside of Yeon-Woo's jacket. The note is left by her mother and gives Yeon-Woo's name and also explains that the mother is stricken with cancer and please take care of my daughter. Since that moment, Yeon-Woo is now known as In-Joo.

10 years later, In-Joo (later played by Seo Hyeon-Jin ) comes back to Korea after studying abroad. In-Joo is still uncomfortable knowing that she has taken the identity of another person. That secret is known only by In-Joo and her father Ha Young-Beom (who discovered the letter from her real mom). Meanwhile, the real In-Joo lives as Ko Joon-Young (later played Sung Yu-Ri ). After she fell into the ocean, she was rescued and raised by a couple on Jeju Island. Since Ko Joon-Young's adoptive mother passed away, she lives with her adoptive father, who is addicted to gambling and is a heavy drinker. Joon-Young's life is not easy.

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