Fermented Family Kimchi Family Episode 24 / Multi Language subtitles
Film Date :   December 7, 2011 --
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Fermented Family

Kimchi Family Episode 24 / Multi Language subtitles

(발효가족)is a December 7, 2011 -- February 23, 2012 TV series directed by Park Chan-Hong(jTBC Episodes 24) South Korea.


Set within the famous Korean restaurant Chunjiin, known especially for their kimchi dish. Ko Ho-Tae ( Song Il-Guk ), who grew up as an orphan, begins to work at the restaurant.

Ho-Tae was abandoned in front of an orphanage when he was only 4 years old. He then left the orphanage at the age of 18 and soon became involved with the mafia. More recently, the #1 crime boss in his group was hospitalized. The #2 man in their crime group begins a loan sharking business. Ho-Tae doesn't like the #2 guy or the loan sharking business.

One day, Ho-Tae goes to a western food restaurant where a woman named Kang-San ( Park Jin-Hee ) works. Ho-Tae arrives to meet a man who is in debt to the crime group for a past loan. Ho-Tae warns the man that he has only 2 days left to pay back the loan plus interest. While eating his lunch, he also complains about the salad. Kang-San overhears Ho-Tae's complaint about the salad and asks exactly what is wrong with the salad. Then, Ho-Tae's subordinate's phone rings and they leave with the man in debt to them. Kang-San becomes worried about the guy in debt and goes out to stop them from taking him. Before they leave, Ho-Tae tells her that that the salad is overpriced and too sweet. More vinegar would make the salad much better.

On the roof a building, the #2 crime boss demands the indebted man to give up his $500,000 dollar apartment as compensation for his $50,000 dollar debt. Ho-Tae finally reaches his boiling point and snaps. He beats up the other gang members including the #2 crime boss. Afterwards Ho-Tae eats lunch at a restaurant which he isn't happy with. He sees on TV at the restaurant a story about Chunjin Restaurant. Ho-Tae feels something from the story. He decides to go to Chunjin Restaurant. He stands in front of Chunjin Restaurant and remembers years back when he stood there as a young child. Ho-Tae then receives a phone call from his subordinate.

Meanwhile, Kang-San decides to add vinegar to the salad dressing and, to her surprise, notices that the salad tastes much better. At that time, she receives a phone call from her sister Woo-Joo ( Lee Min-Young ) who informs her that she has to come home on her dad's birthday.

Ho-Tae arrives at a junk yard to meet his subordinate, but finds himself surrounded by other gang members from his group. Ho-Tae is beaten and, during this time, a car with a siren blaring arrives in front of Ho-Tae. The driver from the car gets out. To Ho-Tae's surprise, the driver is Kang-San (the woman from the western restaurant). Kang-San takes Ho-Tae away and tries to take him to a hospital, but he refuses.

The next morning, Ho-Tae wakes up in a strange room. Ho-Tae remembers being the room when he very young. Ho-Tae goes out of the room and meets all of the family members from Chunjin Restaurant. Kang-San's father Ki-Chan ( Kang Shin-Il ) asks Ho-Tae to stay at Chunjiin Restaurant a couple of more days. A man then arrives offering to buy Chunjin Restaurant but Ki-Chan kicks him out. Kang-San and her sister Woo-Joo have arguments over Chunjin Restaurant and personal matters. Kang-San wants to sell Chunjin Restaurant, but her sister Woo-Joo wants her to quit her job at the western restaurant and take over Chunjin.

The next day, Ho-Tae still can't remember exactly why Chunjin Restaurant is so familiar to him and decides to ask Ki-Chan. But, Ki-Chan is gone and left behind a note saying it's up to you whether to sell Chunjin Restaurant and I have to go take care of something. All of the people at Chunjin Restaurant are dumbfounded.

Ho-Tae leaves without an answer. He goes to meet his subordinate who asks Ho-Tae to hide until the #1 crime boss recovers. Without Ho-Tae, the #1 crime boss can't get control back.

Meanwhile, at Chunjin Restaurant, Kang-San and Woo-Joo do not know what to do. With the help of longtime employee Do-Sik ( Choi Jae-Sung ) they are able to open up for business, but Kang-San is still thinking about going back to work at the western restaurant. Woo-Joo then tells her sister that she called the western restaurant and informed them that she quit. Kang-San immediately calls the western restaurant to tell them she will still work there, but is informed they already hired her replacement. Kang-San now decides to stay at Chunjin Restaurant until her father comes back. Ho-Tae then comes back to Chunjin Restaurant ...

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