My Name is Kim Sam-Soon / My Lovely Sam Soon My Name is Kim Sam-Soon / My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 01 - (English) TYPE5
Film Date :   June 1 - July 21, 2005
Genre :   Romance   
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My Name is Kim Sam-Soon / My Lovely Sam Soon

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon / My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 01 - (English) TYPE5

Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo (Lee Kyu Han), cheating on her and breaks up on the same night. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men's restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun (Hyun Bin), a somewhat callous fellow but sometimes considerate guy. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant's chief baker and the two fights like cat and dog. Nevertheless, they started to have feeling for each other and Sam Soon agreed to post as Jin Hun's girlfriend so his mother would leave him alone. Things got complicated when Jin Hun's ex-girlfriend Yoo Hee Jin came back from the States intending to win him back.
Episode 1
On Christmas Eve, Sam-soon enters into a hotel looking for her cheating boyfriend Hyun-woo. She’s been suspicious about his behavior and she sees him going up to the room with a beautiful woman. She pictures herself beating up her boyfriend. However, when she runs into him, she clings to him and begs him to come back - like a complete loser. At the same hotel, Jin-heon is on a blind date arranged by his mother who insists that he get married before his niece Mi-ju goes to school. He sees Sam-soon begging Hyun-woo and finds it very amusing. Since he isn’t interested in the date, he decides to finish it as quickly as possible. Offended by his rudeness, the woman throws a cup of water in his face. He goes to the restroom to dry his wet clothes and finds Sam-soon crying in the men’s restroom, which she thought the women’s. After breaking up with Hyun-woo, Sam-soon got even chubbier as she tend to eat and sleep when she is stressed. She lost her job because she chose to stalk her boyfriend on Christmas Eve rather than turn up for work. However, she doesn’t have time to sit around and feel bad about the breakup. She has done all kinds of part-time work to make money to study at ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ in France. She has a job interview in a Hotel restaurant and she goes there with the cake she made herself. However, she didn’t expect to see Jin-hun there. To make things even worse, her hair gets stuck in his tie pin. Without hesitating, Jin-heon cuts off Sam-soon’s hair. Furious, Sam-soon throws the cake in his face. Initially he is angry, but then he tastes a bit of the cake and chases after her. She is frightened and tries to run away, but he catches up to her and forces her to see his credentials. Turns out he is the owner of a restaurant called 'Bon Apetit', and he would like to offer a job interview for the position of Pastry Chef (Patisseur). Sam Soon performs marvellously in the job interview and is offered the job. She has a weird request though. She wants to be introduced to the other workers as 'Kim Hee Jin'. Jin Hun seems reluctant, for some reason. After a bit of comic wrangling, in which Sam Soon concocts a new nickname for Jin Hun as 'Sam Sik', he capitulates and agrees to introduce the others as Kim Hee Jin.
Episode 2
Sam-soon gets a job at Jin-heon’s restaurant and a welcoming party is thrown. Everyone is having fun at the party. Sam-soon approaches Jin-heon dancing. Embarrassed, Jin-hun doesn’t know what to do. Hee-jin is on airplane coming back to Korea. She’s very happy to come back after 3 years. At the airport, she takes out her old cell phone. There is a picture of Hee-jin and Jin-heon. She can’t wait to meet him again.

Sam-soon meets a decent man on an arranged date. She feels that she finally met a man with whom she can seriously consider marriage. On the other side of the coffee shop, Jin-heon is meeting a woman. Since he’s not interested in meeting her, he can’t wait to leave the place. He soon spots Sam-soon and decides to play a joke. He comes over where Sam-soon and her date are sitting and starts acting as if he were Sam-soon’s boyfriend. Sam-soon thinks that Jin-heon has ruined her almost perfect date, so she tells him that she won’t work at his restaurant.
Episode 3
Sam-soon is at a loss when Jin-heon asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother Mrs. Na. Sam-soon asks him why he chose her. He says it’s because they will never fall for each other. Sam-soon is surprised to see her sister Yi-young at home. Sam-soon’s mother Bong-sook is shocked to hear that her daughter Yi-young decided to get divorced. Jang Chae-ri comes to Bon Appetit to make a reservation for her engagement party. Chae-ri doesn’t seem happy to hear that Sam-soon will make her cake. When Chae-ri’s fiance comes in, Sam-soon can’t believe her eyes. He was her ex-boyfriend Hyeon-woo. She feels awkward about making a cake for her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party. When she comes home, she finds her mother sick in bed. She finds out that they’re about to lose their house because her late father co-signed for his friend. She tries to think of a way to save the house.

Episode 4
During Sam-soon’s break time, a woman comes into the restaurant. Since Sam-soon doesn’t like her name, she wears a name tag that reads “Kim Hee-Jin” at work. Noticing her name tag, the woman tells Sam-soon that her name is Hee-jin as well. Sam-soon hesitates for a second and offers her a cup of coffee. Everyone in the restaurant believes that Jin-heon and Sam-soon are dating. Jin-heon comes with a huge bouquet of flowers and gives it to Sam-soon. He celebrates their 100-day anniversary. Sam-soon is confused about his behavior. They go out for dinner for the anniversary. There, they run into Chae-ri and Hyeon-woo. One day, a couple comes into the restaurant. It turns out that the man is cheating when his wife comes into the restaurant and catches him red-handed. There’s a big clamor in the restaurant. To change the atmosphere, Sam-soon suggests that Jin-heon play the piano. Left with no other choice, Jin-heon starts playing the piano. Then, Hee-jin enters into the restaurant and Sam-soon realizes that she’s jealous.
Episode 5
Sam-soon takes Jin-heon who is completely drunk to his apartment. Whether he realizes it or not, he doesn’t let Sam-soon leave. Sam-soon spends the night in his apartment. Early in the morning, somebody comes to Jin-heon’s apartment. Sam-soon thinks that his mother came, but she soon finds Hee-jin at the door. Meanwhile, since Sam-soon didn’t come home the night before, Yi-young goes to the restaurant where she’s working. She sits at the table and orders the food, but she doesn’t even touch the food. The chef-in-charge thinks it strange and comes to Yi-young’s table to check if everything’s okay. Hee-jin and Jin-heon face each other later. Jin-heon asks Hee-jin if she has someone else. He asks her how come he couldn’t find her name at any school even though she told him that she would be a student there. He confronts her and screams at her, which makes Hee-jin very sad.
Episode 6
Hyeon-woo who was Sam-soon’s ex-boyfriend asks her to make a cake for his engagement party. Furious with him, Sam-soon thinks about putting very spicy peppers into the cake, but soon decides not to. Swallowing her tears, she ends up making a beautiful cake. Jin-heon sees Sam-soon trying to play the piano and decides to teach her how to play. They have a talk over brandy and some cake. Suddenly, they feel awkward about being together. Sam-soon gets up from her seat to go home, but she almost falls because of the brandy she drank. Jin-heon grasps her so she doesn’t fall down. It’s raining outside. They feel much closer to each other. Sam-soon feels that her heart is racing with excitement.
Episode 7
Jin-heon and Sam-soon are at the grand opening party of the hotel that Jin-heon’s family owns on Jeju Island. Hyeon-woo and Chae-ri are there, as well. Jin-heon sees Hyeon-woo talking to Sam-soon and gets furious. Hyeon-woo gives Sam-soon a gift and tells Jin-heon to leave her alone. They get into a fight and make a huge scene in front of all the guests. With messy hair and bruised lips, Jin-heon takes Sam-soon to the room. He tells Sam-soon to listen to him and only him in the future. He says he doesn't know why, but he doesn't like her looking at other men. Sam-soon can’t help but smile at his remarks. Jin-heon lays his head on Sam-soon’s stomach. He talks about his brother and sister-in-law who were killed in the accident because of his mistake. He bursts into tears. Sam-soon feels terrible for him. She wraps her arms around him and comforts him like a mother to a crying baby.
Meanwhile, Hee-jin and Henry arrive at the hotel after hearing that there’s a party. Henry advises Hee-jin to forget Jin-heon who already has another woman. However, Hee-jin just smiles at him. Jin-heon turns around and tries to ignore Hee-jin when he runs into her in the hallway. Hee-jin asks him to listen to what she has to say for a minute. However, Sam-soon holds onto Jin-heon’s hand tightly and tells him not to go. Sam-soom and Jin-heon leave for the airport, but midway there, Jin-heon asks the taxi driver to stop because he wants to return to the hotel. Sam-soon tells him not to go and confesses that she's developing feelings for him, but he goes anyway, leaving her stranded by the side of the road.
Jin-heon confronts Hee-jin at the hotel, where he finds out that she left him three years ago because she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She got her test results the same day that Jin-heon was in his terrible car accident, and so she lied to him about going to the States to study because she doesn't want to burden him further. Sam-soon gets back to the hotel, but can't find which room Jin-heon and Hee-jin are in. Instead she ends up chatting with Henry, and finally goes to the airport by herself.
Episode 8
Sam-soon hasn’t heard from Jin-heon since the trip Jeju Island. He doesn’t come to work, which worries her. Sam-soon waits by the phone for a call from Jin-heon. Jin-heon accompanies Hee-jin to her medical checkup. He receives her medical records from Henry, but Jin-heon is nervous about Henry's friendship with Hee-jin, and tries to send him away on a vacation to China. Sam-soon tells Yi-young that she misses Jin-heon. However, Yi-young tries to make Sam-soon give him up by saying that it’s out of the question that they become a couple. Sam-soon gets even more upset at her sister’s remark.
Sam-soon makes porridge early in the morning to take to Jin-heon’s apartment because she thinks he's sick. She even practices what she’s going to say when she faces him. She takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. However, Sam-soon just turns around without telling him what she’s going to say when Hee-jin pops up behind Jin-heon’s back. She tells Jin-heon and Hee-jin to enjoy the porridge together. Hee-jin apologizes to Sam-soon. Sam-soon is furious that her heart has been broken by a man again. When Jin-heon races after her, she yells at him in the elevator, saying that he shouldn't have taken her to Jeju island. She rides out into the street on her bicycle, but has an accident and falls unconscious.
Episode 9
Mrs. Na who wants to separate Hee-jin from Jin-heon decides to use Sam-soon. Jin-heon is surprised to see Sam-soon coming to his brother’s memorial service with his mother. Jin-heon claims that he broke up with Sam-soon, but his mother walks away leaving Sam-soon with him. Jin-heon doesn’t know what to do when Sam-soon submits her resignation. Since Sam-soon is a very good patissier, he doesn’t want to let her go. He tries to persuade her to stay, but she doesn’t change her mind. Jin-heon and Hee-jin have a great time together talking about the days they have shared together. At the same time, Sam-soon walks home all alone. She tries to forget Jin-heon, but it’s not easy for her. She feels like crying. Bong-soon sees Sam-soon crying her heart out in her room and wonders what happened to her. Suspicious, she asks Yi-young what happened to Sam-soon.
Episode 10
On her way out from the restaurant, Jin-heon realizes that the bakery seems empty and lifeless without Sam-soon. He smiles as if he’s just thought of a good idea to bring her back. He offers her an incredible raise to change her mind. However, Sam-soon laughs at him and ignores his offer. Finally, Bong-soon lets Sam-soon legally change her name. It seems to Sam-soon that everything else will be all right if only she changes her name as she has always wanted. She goes to the court house to report her changed name. Afterwards, she’s all dressed up and goes on an arranged date. However, the date openly complains about Sam-soon’s age and appearance. Since he isn’t that great either, she makes fun of him right in front of his face. Meanwhile, Hee-jin goes to Mrs. Na and tries to change her mind. Even though Mrs. Na used to care about her very much, she doesn’t want her to be with Jin-heon anymore. Hee-jin smiles when she’s with Henry, but he can feel her sadness behind her smile. Jin-heon hears from Chae-ri that Sam-soon is meeting someone at the hotel coffee shop. After he sees In-hye having a hard time working alone in the restaurant to replace Sam-soon, he goes to the hotel where Sam-soon is meeting another man.
Episode 11
Sam-soon can’t believe Jin-heon and Hyeon-woo exchanging punches while fighting over her. Jin-heon asks Sam-soon not to leave him, but she shakes off his hand. Jin-heon is shocked at the fact that Sam-soon has refused him. Angry at Sam-soon, Jin-heon tries to get rid of the stuffed animal Miss Piggy, but every time something stops him from throwing it away. Sam-soon goes on a diet. She tries to live on various kinds of vegetables, but she realizes that it’s impossible for her. Noticing the bicycle Sam-soon left at his house, Jin-heon calls Sam-soon to take it back. She comes by to pick up her bicycle and Jin-heon ends up giving her a ride home. On the way to her house, Hee-jin calls. When she asks him who is next to him, Jin-heon lies to her and says ‘nobody!’
Episode 12
Jin-heon confesses to Sam-soon that he can’t get her out of his head. He hugs her. Sam-soon bursts into tears with joy. Later, Yi-young asks Jin-heon to stop confusing Sam-soon. When Jin-heon refuses to listen to her, she says that she doesn’t want Sam-soon to get heartbroken over a man anymore. Hee-jin feels nervous about Jin-heon who can’t look at her in the eyes. He seems confused to her. Hee-jin meets Sam-soon and asks her to leave Jin-heon alone. However, Sam-soon tells her that Jin-heon might be the last man coming up in her life. She tells her to leave the choice to Jin-heon. Sam-soon pays back the money she borrowed from Jin-heon and asks him to return the house deed. He returns her the house deed, but tears up the money she’s given him back. Sam-soon is shocked at his behavior. He tells her that he doesn’t mind selling off the restaurant if he has to. He tells her that he loves her very much.
Episode 13
Jin-heon and Sam-soon are on Jeju Island again. He asks her to extend their contract. He suggests pretending to be a couple for the next 100 years. Sam-soon just laughs at him. However, when he prepares birthday soup for her, she’s impressed. He isn’t happy to hear that Sam-soon has changed her name to Kim Hee-jin. He thinks that it’s wrong. Nevertheless, she shows off the written permission of her new name, but he takes it away. Hee-jin is sad when she can’t reach Jin-heon. Henry tires to make her feel better, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Mrs. Na tells Jin-heon not to see Sam-soon anymore. However, Jin-heon refuses. She decides to go to Sam-soon’s house.
Episode 14
Hee-jin tries to keep her cool, but she’s very upset. She starts hitting Jin-heon out of frustration. Jin-heon just lets her hit him. He hugs her tightly and sheds tears. Meanwhile, Mrs. Na finds out that originally Jin-heon paid Sam-soon to pretend to be her girlfriend. Angry at him, she blames him for buying other people with his money. When Sam-soon can’t reach Jin-heon, she rushes into his restaurant. However, she finds out that he didn’t come to work because he’s sick. Worried, she goes to Jin-heon’s place and takes care of him. Jin-heon realizes again how comfortable he feels around Sam-soon. The following day, Jin-heon and Sam-soon do the seven things she has wanted to do with her boyfriend. Jin-heon thinks it’s silly, but he does what she wants him to do. Sam-soon thinks Jin-heon is so sweet and thoughtful. Now, only one thing from her list is left. Without knowing what it is, Jin-heon gets nervous.
Episode 15
Sam-soon is confused when she sees Jin-heon and Hee-jin getting out of the elevator together. Jin-heon asks her not to misunderstand him, but she tells him that she still feels that three people are involved in their relationship. Sam-soon goes to Hee-jin’s house when she hears that Hee-jin is sick. Hee-jin has a hard time understanding Sam-soon who has brought the food to her love rival. Hee-jin asks her to leave her alone, but Sam-soon insists on eating some food. Hee-jin who has been very patient with Sam-soon finally grasps Sam-soon by her hair. Henry walks in the room and is surprised to see the two women fighting. Hee-jin decides to go back to the US where her parents are living. After giving it a lot of thought, she asks Jin-heon to accompany her to the US.
Episode 16 (Final Episode)
Jin-heon leaves for the US saying that he will be back in a week. However, it’s been three months since he left. Sam-soon hasn’t heard from him since then. She can’t understand how Jin-heon can do this to her. She really wanted to make it work out this time without getting heartbroken, but the reality only disappoints her and breaks her heart again. Sam-soon is on her way to go to a cinema with the man she ran into twice on the blind date. When she’s about to leave the place, she’s shocked to see the person who stops the car she’s in. Jin-heon is standing there and staring at Sam-soon. The first thing he says to her in three months is “Are you two-timing on me?” Sam-soon can’t believe what is happening before her very eyes. In the end, the reason why Jin Hun didn't call or write to Samsoon is that he sent postcards to her in the wrong address! And Why he stayed in US for three months is that Samsoon's mother is aging and when he get married to Samsoon, he needs to try out all the food and hotels to see which one is good for them. In the end, his mother opposed his marriage. But Samsoon and Jin Hun are still together, happy.

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