Temptation of Wife (아내의 유혹 ) Temptation of Wife Episode 129 / Multi Language subtitles
Film Date :   November 3, 2008 - May 1, 2009
Genre :   Family Melodrama   
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Temptation of Wife (아내의 유혹 )

Temptation of Wife Episode 129 / Multi Language subtitles

Temptation of Wife (Lure of Wife) (아내의 유혹; RR: Anaeui Yuhok) was a highly watched drama in South Koreabroadcast by SBS. It began to air in 2008 and continued through the early quarter of 2009, ending on May 1, 2009. Despite many controversies about the questionable content of the drama, it currently remains to be one of the most highly watched dramas averaging around 30% each day, and the cast won several awards including the Daesang (Grand Prize) for lead actress Jang Seo Hee at the SBS Drama Awards. It aired on SBS from November 3, 2008 to May 1, 2009 on Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 for 129 episodes.

The series was a part of the "Wife Trilogy," which includes Two Wives and Wife Returns. the series had two remakes by China and Philippines and 2009 series Temptation of an Angel staring Bae Soo-bin.


Goo Eun Jae (played by actress Jang Seo-hee) graduated as a make-up artist major at a university and began preparations to study in France. Her dreams to study abroad are halted by pregnancy after Jung Gyo Bin (played by actor Byun Woo-min) took advantage of her when she was drunk. She decided to marry him and give up her dreams in order to be a responsible mother for her unborn child. Eun Jae's pregnancy soon ended in tragic miscarriage. Eun Jae was trying to protect her mother in law, Baek Mi In, when she was pushed down the steps by a creditor of the said in-law. Eun Jae fell and lost her baby. It took a long time until Eun Jae became pregnant again. Around the same time when Eun Jae found out about her second pregnancy, Shin Ae Ri (played by actress Kim Seo-hyung) returned from her five-year long from France (where she studied make-up).

Ae Ri grew up in the same household as Eun Jae ever since she became an orphan when she was about 7?10 years old. Her family was on the way to the Goo Household in order to have dinner with them when Ae Ri threw the clothes and doll her mother was supposed to give to Eun Jae as presents to her father who was driving. Also because her father was driving during a storm, they ended crashing the car. Both Ae Ri's parents died and the Goo Family has then taken Ae Ri in since and raised her for 20 years along with Eun Jae, treating her as if she were their own daughter. Later on, Ae Ri became the girlfriend of Eun Jae's brother Kang Jae. Then she left for France, revealing that someone was taking care of her tuitions for her.

After 7 years of living the Jung Family as Gyo Bin's housewife (and also as the housekeeper to the Jung Family's mansion), Eun Jae soon discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with Ae Ri. It turned out that it was he who had funded Ae Ri's travel to France. To add to this insult, Ae Ri revealed that she had Gyo Bin’s child five years prior named Min Woo. Eun Jae's brother, Kang Jae, gained knowledge about the situation, whereupon he set out in anger to assault Gyo Bin. This event gave Kang Jae and his mother, reason to force Eun Jae into signing up consent for a divorce. After the divorce, Gyo Bin and Ae Ri got married while Eun Jae moved back to her own family's house. Ae Ri went to pay a visit to Eun Jae, demanding her to get an abortion. Eun Jae refused to do so in which Gyo Bin dragged her to a gynaecologist in Sokcho, forcing her into aborting their baby. Eun Jae again refused. Gyo Bin then drove her to Sokcho Beach, throwing her necklace, given by her father-in-law as a promise not to give up on Gyo Bin, into the sea. Eun Jae tried to save the necklace, but not knowing how to swim, she soon found herself being dragged by the waves. Eun Jae begged Gyo Bin to save her baby but Gyo Bin ignored Eun Jae and abandoned her at sea to drown and die. Ae Ri and Gyo Bin decided to keep this all a secret, lying that Eun Jae had committed suicide. Ae Ri faked Eun Jae's suicide note which she gave to the police and Gyo Bin thereafter told everybody that he had not seen Eun Jae the whole day.

In the midst of all this, Min Gun Woo (played by actor Lee Jae Hwang), the adoptive son of Lady Min, was near Sokcho in a search for his missing younger stepsister, Min Soo Hee. Soo Hee loved Gun Woo and wanted to marry him. When her mother, Lady Min, refused, Soo Hee told Gun Woo to marry her secretly anyway. Gun Woo had decided not to tell his mother what was happening, as Soo Hee had ran away from home. Lady Min arranged for another girl to marry Gun Woo, hoping that Soo Hee will give up and come back. Soo Hee's arranged marriage to Gun Woo was on the same day as Lady Min's arranged marriage. Gun Woo decided to follow his mother's orders and marry the other girl. Soo Hee, devastated that he did not come, then walked into the sea to drown herself. Gun Woo, searching for Soo Hee, found Eun Jae's unconscious body instead. He then took her to adoctor who reveals that she must lose the baby in order for her to be saved. Through the help of Gun Woo and the doctor, Eun Jae was allowed to live in the hospital for free where she worked at the same time to show gratitude.

Lady Min, thinking Eun Jae's experience was similar to hers, introduced Eun Jae to her home. Thereafter, Eun Jae took on the identity of Soo Hee, in order to sought out revenge against Gyo Bin and Ae Ri who destroyed her life and tried to kill her. Gun Woo fell in love with Eun Jae in the process and Eun Jae with Gun Woo, but Eun Jae decided to hold her feelings back for him in order to fulfill her revenge. Ae Ri gets suspicious of the woman claiming to be Soo Hee. One day the two women met and Ae Ri was positive that this Soo Hee was Eun Jae. Eun Jae acted well and said that Ae Ri was crazy. Gyo Bin divorces Ae Ri and married Soo Hee (Eun Jae). Gyo Bin kicks Ae Ri out of her house, but keeps Nino, Ae Ri's son.

Ae Ri gets even more suspicious and calls Gyo Bin when Soo Hee (Eun Jae) and Gun Woo embrace. Soo Hee (Eun Jae) reassured that she loved Gyo Bin that's why she married him, ensuring him that Gun Woo and her are just close siblings. Gyo Bin wants to have sexual intercourse with Soo Hee (Eun Jae), but she bought twin beds instead of one big bed, and refused his advances. Ae Ri begs for Gyo Bin and his family to give her son to her. Ae Ri gets Ni No, but Ni No gets injured and Ae Ri pities her son, for now she was poor and could not give him a comfortable life. She returns Nino to Gyo Bin's family.

Soo Hee (Eun Jae) soon became worried about her true identity to be revealed by Ae Ri, with the help of Lady Min they went to her parents and told the truth which helped to have her true identity still covered. In order to complete her revenge, she tricks Gyo Bin to give all his family assets to her and her "mother" Lady Min, his father's company, their house, his mother's house and land and causes their family to go bankrupt. Lady Min had a history with Gyo Bin's father. They had a child together (they were not married) named Haneul Jung. To Lady Min, Gyo Bin's father supposedly killed Ha Neul due to a sickness that was never treated and killed Lady Min's father by stealing their land. Lady Min gets revenge by telling him to give all his assets (including Cheonji Constructions) and selling his house because of items on properties that was created by Gyo Bin to Lady Min. Because of this, he complied and gave them up. To humiliate his family further, Lady Min gets his family to switch houses with Eun Jae's family, or his large house will be auctioned and sold away. Gyo Bin's family is now poor while Eun Jae's family is now living more comfortably. Gyo Bin says that he now loves Eun Jae and tries to force her to stay with him, since they are still lawfully wedded but the disgusted Eun Jae hates him.

The real Soo Hee comes alive and she was suffering from serious depression. She gets mad at Eun Jae because Gun Woo fell in love with her and they planned a wedding. Soo Hee crashes the wedding. One day Eun Jae went to work and everyone was praising her because of her make-up artist skills. Soo Hee tells all the workers that she was the real daughter of Lady Min and she proclaims herself the owner of Min Beauty Shop. Ae Ri saw this and asks Soo Hee to cooperate with her to ruin Eun Jae's life. At first, this works out. Later, Ae Ri will be the reason why Gun Woo divorced Soo Hee, this collaboration ended. Lady Min persuaded Gun Woo to married Soo Hee because he thought her depression would get better and Soo Hee won't ruin Eun Jae's life. So Hee does the complete opposite.

Eun Jae continued to become the best make up artist and lives now with her family. One day, Gun Woo went to work to sign a contract with Harrison. Ae Ri wants to be back with Gyo Bin and bring back the position he had before and also the construction company, so she told Gyo Bin to sign the contract. Meanwhile, Soo Hee ruins Eun Jae's artwork and rips a page out. While they fight, Ae Ri calls Gyo Bin about how Eun Jae was being attacked by Soo Hee. Gun Woo turns the car and drives to the Beauty Shop. He sees Soo Hee ripping the page and tells her to divorce him. Gun Woo is now late for his meeting, so Ha Jo tells Gyo Bin to sign the contract instead. Gun Woo now decides to divorce So Hee no matter what. Ae Ri came back to the family. She made Gyo Bin to sleep with her, making her pregnant. While she is pregnant, doctors discovered she had a tumor in her stomach. Doctors reluctantly told her to get an abortion so she could have the cancer removed, but she adamantly refused. She felt that the baby was the only way to keep her and Gyo Bin together.

Ae Ri and Eun Jae joined a make up competition that has three stages. In the first stage, Eun Jae, another lady, and Ae Ri won and would be competing. In the second stage, Ae Ri and Eun Jae won and would be competing against each other. In the third stage, Ae Ri gets desperate so she secretly bribes the judges. The judges are just about to proclaim Ae Ri as the grand prize winner, but find out just in time that were being bribed, so they disqualified Ae Ri and awarded the contest to Eun Jae. Ae Ri had a miscarriage, but this time after realizing her mistakes and Eun Jae find the heart to forgive her childhood best friend, Ae Ri and Eun Jae once again become true friends again. Eun Jae insists that Ae Ri to get the cancer treatment, but Ae Ri is scared that the chemotherapy will make her not be as beautiful as she once was and also overwhelmed by the guilt of her past actions, and decides to let the cancer kill her.

In the last episode, Ha Neul becomes pregnant with her husband Kang Jae. Ae Ri and Gyo Bin went on vacation. During this vacation, Ae Ri made a sea shell necklace for Ni No. Ae Ri begins to make two letters: one for Gyo Bin and one for Ae Ri. Despite the efforts of both families and overwhelmed by her guilt and knows that she will die someday, Ae Ri went to the ocean to commit suicide but Gyo Bin attempts to save her. Ae Ri was screaming for him to let go because he needed to take care of Ni No and that she was going to die anyway. He said he wasn't going to let go and he was going to save her. Yet the current was too strong. Both of them were drowning and started to lose consciousness and later died. All the families attend their funeral. Eun Jae gives Ni No the sea shell necklace saying, "This is the last present your mother is giving you." Ni No goes on the street and a car nearly crashes into him. He states his mother and father were on the other side of the street. Everybody assumed that they were protecting their son from danger. Ae Ri's letter to Eun Jae said to bury her ashes on the beach where Eun Jae almost died in.

Soo Hee and Lady Min decides to go to America together. Lady Min gives Ha Jo the papers to own Cheonji Constructions once more. Gun Woo met Eun Jae while she was spreading the ashes. He said that he was very sorry for hurting her feelings and that he won't do it again. He feels that Eun Jae should be his wife. Seo Hee gave Eun Jae two rings and a letter entrusting Gun Woo to Eun Jae. Gun Woo puts his arm around Eun Jae and looks at the sky with her. They were sure that they saw Ae Ri and Gyo Bin together. The whole drama ended by having the two couples smiling at each other. Ae Ri and Gyo Bin were wearing white, and looking back at their friends.

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