100 Days With Mr Arrogant 100 Days With Mr Arrogant - (English) TYPE4
Film Date :   January 16, 2004
Genre :   Comedy Romance   
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100 Days With Mr Arrogant

100 Days With Mr Arrogant - (English) TYPE4

[내 사랑 싸가지]

The world to him, too ssaga I called him master "I got a lot of money (ㅡ ㅡ ^)... you can not take care of it? (^ ^;;)" "It's my jolrari poverty? (ㅡ ㅡ + +) " The columns and the best of a lot of interest in studying pyeonyina, qualities that do not have the 3 students Xia Ying munuiman. Day 101 in the younger boy's feet to the Xia Ying Bin chaeyigo dolahohdeon kolrakaen chaeinda one. LE was not eating milk himkkaji ppeonghago hayoungeun load of that nasty myeongpumjok hyeongjun car, it's why I never thought to be in a foreign car, the Lexus! $ 300 to hyeongjun muleonaera hayoungeun behind a drop-off site, will be successful in a hit and run.

"I'm really poor, but the three student ... (ㅠ. ㅠ) " "Yeah? So body ttewoyaji (ㅡ ㅡメ) " Hyeongjun a sigh of relief ahead of the rest 42 hyeongjun a call from the phone. I know I left my wallet between the chilchilchi Xia Ying was not. Chased from the school decided to hyeongjun decided to hayoungeun ttewoo body, Novi sign a document will be valid for 100 days. Attempts since the start of the call hyeongjun is not necessary when hayoungeun jipcheongso, shopping helper, report writing and the car wash, not more than japsimbureume from the study will be shit faced. "Holy ... You (づ.ど) ... You ...?!( ? ?;)" "I'm your tutor is a teacher (^ ∇ ~)凸study, shall we? (ㅡ., ㅡ +++)" Xia Ying dalraedeon $ 300 to come up through boiling rimyeo come the day of destiny. 10,000 Lexus bumper repair I Only marks that I happen to know that was possible. In a flash, the goddess of revenge in Novi hayoungeun poor mood swings, hyeongjun to nail the start of the baby pushes cheojeolhan revenge. Bliss, but also a moment of victory, her tutor's house, dressed in a neat malkkeumhago chatahohni He's a teacher, not the difference 'bitch' I was hyeongjun. Since that day, the disciples of the legal relationship between a teacher and tutor of the extraordinary hyeongjun under 'Novi' teaching is the start of ...

bitch TYPE 30,000 free high school 100 days of the war, Novi DENIS eopsseumyeon unlucky Upper jyeodo broken nose-_- It was on my way home yeolbadaseo geureochi do. So very much and went with a younger boyfriend Show me the macroeconomic malatdeon joke had been chaeyigo 101 (now also the birthplace yeolbadeo Ca-o-+) Because of anger and hatred (of inferiority and disappointment than drag!) Sarojapyeo empty cans in the chatneundi-_-ㅋ Anhyeongjun matdani of a bitch to pick a foreign car ... 1 round: the bitch's car manggatteurigo splash -> 1 W I got out of the car over to luxury convolute Chick came to the legs, and sleek. Handsome face, and the ^. ~ Jjangbakhin was pretty mouth. Give me just as conscientious 3,000,000 ?-_-++ you crazy! 3 White Horse You Gora's LA O0O??? 30,000 is not a 3,000,000! Was to choose one, you're running yeolrari! ┏ (-.-) ┛ 2 Round: Novi bitch and conclude the contract -> 1 W 1 L If the money come from the old school body ttaewooraetda =_=;;; I'm the bitch had to sign a document that offers Novi Go together with the chinggudeol bitch I know you think my boyfriend.

Ttaengjapatdana (that I sound like a dog poo !!!-.-^)! We call it, without even attempting to clean, sechamyeo reports, To all the errand all over ... _____ Do not know the speed ㅠ ㅠ I like ganyeorin ▽ ㅡ ㅡ;;; eotteoke girl you think I can do. 3rd round: Decision of the bitch is in the name of the definition of -> 2 wins, 1 loss But the definition was alive. I know that I was not much. Only the truth 10,000 car repairs!! Huffing ..-_-++++ ....-_-+++++++++ that moment michinneomi Fox, wolf bitch uncle meongge anemone sea cucumber gateun too! I'm gonna jwikyeo !!!!! Except -_-*... geongbu meuheuheu, ganghayoung If this is not! I give the bitch ahjaknae from the baby, I go to school to honor him were seriously hwesonhae 4 Round: bitch, tutoring and teacher come -> 2 wins 2 losses? Kkeunnan kkem it thought. Again could not see the tops of a bitch. But -_-;;;;.... He's not here in our home tteokhani @ 0 @! What's he up for a tutor gateun tteonggunyeong what I lngo harmony .. Wooyisswi, that I eotteuke geoeoeoeoeoeoya --????

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