A Taxi Driver A Taxi Driver - (English) TYPE4
Film Date :   August 2, 2017
Genre :   Romance Comedy   
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A Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver - (English) TYPE4

택시운전사; Hanja : 택시運轉士; RR : Taeksi Unjeonsa) is a 2017 South Korean historical actiondrama film directed by Jang Hoon , with Song Kang-ho starring in the title role, alongside Thomas Kretschmann .The film centers on a taxi driver from Seoul, who unintentionally becomes involved in the events of the Gwangju Democratization Movement in 1980.

at the 90th Academy Awards , but it was not nominated.The film was a commercial success, and was also the second highest grossing film of 2017.

In 1980, Kim Man-seob is a widowed father who works as a taxi driver in Seoul. He is often scolded by his landlady for being overdue on rent. One day, he overhears another taxi driver talking about a foreign client who has booked him for a trip worth 100,000 won; the client intends to travel to Gwangju for the day and return to Seoul before curfew . Man-seob rushes off to steal the client.

The client is Jürgen "Peter" Hinzpeter, a German journalist who wishes to report on the increasing civil unrest in Gwangju. Due to martial law and strict censorship, foreign reporters are prohibited from entering the country. Peter pretends to be a missionary in order to enter South Korea. Man-seob uses his limited English skills (which he learned while living in Saudi Arabia) to lure Peter into his taxi before heading off to Gwangju.

The two men discover that all the roads leading to Gwangju are blocked and heavily guarded by soldiers. Man-seob tries to convince Peter that they should return to Seoul, but the latter refuses to pay the 100,000 won unless they reach Gwangju. They manage to enter the city after they lie about Peter being a businessman.

pickup truck .The leader of the group, Yong-pyo, invites Peter aboard and instructs Man-Seob to follow them in his taxi. They also befriend English-speaking student, Jae-sik. Man-seob agrees to follow them, but quickly decides to turn back, reluctant to have his taxi damaged in the riots. As he drives away, he takes pity on an old woman who is looking for her son; she leads Man-Seob to the local hospital. The woman's son turns out to be Yong-pyo, who is in the hospital with minor injuries. Peter and the college students are also in attendance, all of whom scold Man-seob for his selfishness. The students, along with a group of local taxi drivers, refuse to let Peter pay Man-Seob until he fulfills the agreed trip.

Man-seob agrees to take Peter and Jae-sik (now acting as a translator) through Gwangju. The three continue through the streets where protesters greet them with food and gifts. They arrive atop a building where Peter films violent riots and witnesses soldiers beating protesters indiscriminately. As he moves down onto the street, plainclothed Defense Security Command (DSC) officers see him filming them, and the leader of the DSC commands his men to arrest him. The three men manage to evade capture. That evening, Man-seob's taxi breaks down and they are met by Tae-soo, one of the local taxi drivers. Tae-soo tows the taxi to his shop for repair. Upon learning of the damage (and that Gwangju's phone lines have been cut), Man-Seob becomes distressed as his young daughter is home alone. Tae-soo lets the men stay at his house for the night.

While having dinner, they hear an explosion and discover that the television station has been bombed. Man-seob, Peter, and Jae-sik head there, where Peter films more of the turmoil. However, the plainclothed officers recognize Peter and chase the three men to a nearby building, where Jae-sik is eventually captured and held hostage. Jae-sik yells for Peter to share the footage to the world no matter what and is taken away by the soldiers. Man-seob is confronted and assaulted by the leader of the DSC, who accuses the driver of being a communist. Peter knocks the leader unconscious and rescues Man-seob. The two men run back to Tae-soo's house.

At dawn, Man-seob departs, but not before Tae-soo gives him a map of the local hidden roads. He also provides fake Gwangju license plates as the soldiers are now searching for a Seoul taxi. Man-seob drives to the nearby town of Suncheon , where he overhears reports of the events in Gwangju; the media falsely claims that the chaos was caused by "rogue groups and rioters". Man-seob is overwhelmed with guilt and calls his daughter, saying that he left a customer behind. He drives to the hospital in Gwangju to find Peter in shock and Tae-soo crying over Jae-sik's corpse. Man-seob reminds Peter of his promise to show the world what is happening in South Korea, and encourages him to continue filming. Peter tearfully does so.

As they leave the hospital, they stop to film a street where soldiers are mercilessly shooting at civilians. Man-seob and the other taxi drivers, along with Yong-pyo, use their vehicles to barricade the soldiers from further harming the civilians. The soldiers advance and continue shooting, and Tae-soo encourages Man-seob and Peter to leave. The two men drive away from the scene and arrive at a road blocked by soldiers. Man-seob states that they are from Gwangju and that he is taking a foreign businessman away from the turmoil. A young soldier searches the car and finds the license plates from Seoul. However, he keeps silent on the discovery and decides to let them go. The soldiers then receive orders not to let any foreigners out, prompting them to chase the duo.

Man-seob and Peter are chased by the DSC, who shoot at the taxi and begin to corner them. They are then rescued by the local taxi drivers led by Tae-soo, who ram into the military vehicles in order to distract the soldiers. The Gwangju taxi drivers are presumably killed in the chase, and Tae-soo ultimately sacrifices himself to allow Man-seob and Peter to escape.

The two men make it to the airport, where they bid each other an emotional farewell. Peter asks Man-seob for his name and phone number as he wishes to return to South Korea to visit. Man-seob hesitates, but begins to write in Peter's notebook. Peter bypasses security and is able to safely leave the country.

Peter shares the footage with his superiors and the news is spread all over the world. He searches for Man-seob, only to be told by a fellow journalist that the latter had provided a false name and phone number. In Seoul, Man-seob happily reunites with his daughter.

23 years later, Peter receives an award in South Korea for his report on the Gwangju Uprising. In his speech, he expresses his gratitude to Man-seob and hopes to see him again someday. Meanwhile, Man-seob reads a newspaper article about Peter's speech and achievements. Man-seob says that he is grateful to Peter and that he misses him too. He drives his taxi into the night as snow falls on Seoul.

The epilogue states that Peter tried to search for the taxi driver who took him through Gwangju, but he died in 2016 before they could meet again. The film ends with footage of the real Peter, who gives his thanks to "Kim Sa-bok".

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