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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes is a 2001 romantic drama film directed by Luis Mandoki. The original music score was composed by Marco Beltrami. The film was marketed with the tagline "The deeper you look. The more you will find.

The film opens on an accident scene on a wet rainy night in Chicago. Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) is a police officer at the scene and she is holding the hand of one of the victims and pleading that he hold on, not to give up and help is on the way.

Flash forward a year into Sharon's life. She seems very bitter and angry. We learn that she is estranged from her family for having her father Carl (Victor Argo) arrested for beating her mother Josephine (Sonia Braga). Her father and brother, Larry Sr. (Jeremy Sisto) have found it hard to forgive her, making it hard for her, since her family was/is somewhat close knit.

Meanwhile, a man named Catch (James Caviezel) wanders the streets of Chicago in a Zombie-like trance, doing good deeds, trying to help anybody he meets. He turns car lights off, he tells a young woman in his apartment building that she left her keys in the door.

Meanwhile, Sharon chases a criminal who gets her gun and shoots her twice but her vest protects her. Before he can shoot her in the head, Catch jumps the man and knocks the gun away. Sharon and Catch meet at a tavern and have a drink. They both don't like to tell each other much about their lives. Sharon invites Catch to her apartment. After some awkward moments between the two, Sharon decides he should leave. However, as he's about to leave, they share a kiss. They continue to make out, until Catch abruptly stops and immediately leaves the apartment, leaving Sharon somewhat confused.

The next day, Sharon finds a?dandelion?on her buzzer with Catch's phone number written on a short piece of paper around it. Sharon calls and awkwardly asks Catch if she can leave a message on the machine. Sharon says that they could have breakfast at a coffee shop the next morning at around 8:00. Sharon then wakes up and calls Catch again, claiming that she hadn't gotten much sleep and that they should go their separate ways. However, Catch is already at the coffee shop, and feels obviously upset and angered at Sharon. He then later comes to a cranky Sharon's apartment, criticizing her for not showing up for her "appointment." He then storms out the door. However, a concerned and confused Sharon follows him to his apartment and discovers his nearly empty place. Catch suggests that they start from scratch, and Sharon asks for no more surprises from him.

After a suggestion from his mother-in-law, Catch apologizes and the two continue seeing each other. They begin to get along well and go on a picnic in the mountains near a lake. After the two share a romantic swim in the lake, they passionately have sex on the side of the lake.

One night when the two are going out to dinner, they pass a blues club and go in. After the band has played a number, Catch notices a trumpet sitting on the bandstand. He picks the trumpet up and starts to play wonderfully. When he finishes, everyone applauds. The owner comes over and asks him where he's been keeping himself. He calls Catch by the name Steve Lambert, to which Catch denies even knowing the man. Sharon looks Steven Lambert up in the police files and discovers that he is the man whose hand she held in the car wreck at the beginning of the film. Catch's wife and child died in the car wreck. Sharon wants to help Catch heal from his emotional wounds and tries to talk about it. She tries taking him to the cemetery to see the graves of his family, but he gets very upset and leaves.

Sharon is having her own problems. Her mother and father are renewing their wedding vows and have asked her to come. She was going to go with Catch but he has not answered any of her calls. At the reception after the wedding ceremony, she tries to talk to her father but he tells her that he feels like he doesn't have a daughter. As Sharon starts to leave, she stops and tells the man videotaping the event a wonderful story about her father, playing with her and her brother when they were children. She is deeply moved by this memory. Her father overhears it. When Sharon looks at him, he turns away. At the same time that the wedding and reception have been going on, we see Catch in the cemetery talking to his deceased wife and child, explaining how he remembers all the wonderful moments they shared.

When Sharon walks out of the door of the reception, Catch is standing by her car. They both have undergone emotional healing since they first met and they admit to being in love with one another. Sharon gets into her car and Catch starts to get in the passenger seat. He stops and tells Sharon that he wants to drive. He hasn't driven since the accident.

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