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Film Date :   May 20, 2009
Genre :   Fantasy   
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Antichrist is made up of a Prologue, four chapters (entitled "Grief", "Pain (Chaos Reigns)", "Despair (Gynocide)" and "The Three Beggars"), and an Epilogue.
Prologue: The Prologue is monochromatic, and silent except for the score, the aria "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Handel's Rinaldo. A couple (He and She) passionately have sex, while their young son Nic awakens, climbs out of his crib, opens his baby gate, and climbs onto a desk by an open window. The "Three Beggars" first appear as three tin figures on the desk, each figure inscribed with the name of one of the chapters on its base: "pain", "grief" and "despair". Nic brushes them off before climbing to the window. Nic falls to his death on the snowy ground below. At the same moment, She is seen in silent sexual climax.[2]
Chapter One: Grief: During Nic's funeral, She collapses, and as the other mourners gather around her, we see that they have no faces. She spends the next month in the hospital, in and out of consciousness and with little conception of time. When she awakens, She is crippled with grief. He, a therapist, is distrustful of the psychiatric care she is receiving,and takes it upon himself to talk his wife through the grief process. He has her flush her prescribed medication down the toilet. After a less-than-fruitful time of catharsis at home, during which She tries to distract herself from the pain with mating, He decides that they should try exposure therapy. Through their sessions, He is able to learn that her greatest fear concentrates on a cabin in a forest called Eden, at which she spent time alone with Nic the previous summer, while writing a thesis on gynocide.[3]
The couple travels to Eden. During the journey, while She sleeps, He encounters a deer who does not show fear of him. As the deer turns to leave, He sees that she is mid still-birth, the dead fawn hanging limply from her rear.[4]
Chapter Two: Pain (Chaos Reigns): When She awakens, they continue toward the cabin. Upon encountering a foot-bridge over a river that leads to the forest of Eden, She is overcome with fear. Her eyes closed, she sprints across the bridge and into the forest, leaving her husband alone to journey after her. It is late evening when He arrives at the cabin, to find her fast asleep. When at the cabin, She again attempts to have sex with her husband. He does not comprehend her fear of their environment and tries to solve her fear with psychotherapy, despite their relationship causing a conflict of interest. She becomes increasingly manic and grief-stricken. Meanwhile, the environment surrounding the cabin continually proves itself to be forbidding and nihilistic; acorns pelt the cabin like gun-fire, and at one point He comes across a self-disembowelling fox who seems to utter the words, "Chaos reigns."
Chapter Three: Despair (Gynocide): While searching the cabin, He finds material studied by his wife for her thesis: pictures of witch-hunts and a scrap-book filled with articles and notes on misogynist topics, in which her writing becomes more frantic and illegible as the pages go on. She, due to intense self-blame over Nic's death, comes to embrace the belief that women are inherently evil. She finds Nic's autopsy report, which states that the bones in both of his feet were deformed. In a tool-shed, He finds photographs of Nic, in which his boots are always on the wrong feet. She suddenly attacks her husband in the shed, stabbing him and then violently disrobing and mounting him while accusing him of planning on leaving her. She then crushes his testicles with a block of wood, the pain driving him unconscious. While he is still unconscious, She masturbates him until he orgasms, ejaculating blood onto her shirt and face. She then drills a hole through his leg, and bolts a heavy grind-stone through the wound. She flees outside, leaving him unconscious in the shed, throwing the wrench she used to tighten the mill-stone beneath the cabin.
He wakes and drags himself away, finding a fox-hole in which to hide. While She frantically searches for him, He finds a crow buried alive, who cries upon waking, giving away his hiding place. He beats it repeatedly, but it survives. She finds him and tries to pull him out of the fox-hole, then digs him out, beating his head with the shovel. Several hours pass, night falls, and, weeping, She apologizes and helps to drag her husband back to the cabin.
Chapter Four: The Three Beggars: Once again in the cabin, She cryptically tells her husband that he was not meant to die yet, but that one must die when the three beggars arrive. In a flash-back to the Prologue, it is implied that She saw what was about to happen to Nic and did not act. However, it is not clear if this is accurate or only her imagination. But as there in the prolog there were "the three beggars" as figures, the window wasn't closed, the baby-phone muted and Nics shoes staying neatly and wrong (like on the photographs in chapter three) in front of his bed, it can be assumed, that it was her purpose to kill her own son. She takes a pair of scissors and, asking to be held, severs her clitoris, letting a tortured scream as she does so.
During the night the couple is visited by the crow, deer and fox, and acorns beat against the roof of the cabin. Breaking through the floor, He discovers the wrench with which to release the mill-stone from his leg. While removing the mill-stone, She attacks Him with the scissors, stabbing him in the back then he pulls it off and throws it to the floor. He eventually removes the mill-stone, and his wife stops fighting him. He strangles her dispassionately, killing her. He burns Her on a pyre outside the cabin, which was shown upon his arrival at the cabin.
Epilogue: He makes his way from the cabin, eating berries from the ground. Upon reaching the top of a hill, he looks down to see hundreds of women walking up the hill towards him, their faces white and blurred. In the morning light, the women walk around and past him as the three beggars look on.

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