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Film Date :   July 31, 2015
Genre :   Comedy Action Adventure   
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Descendants 2015


Disney's Descendantsis a 2015 American musical fantasy television film directed by Kenny Ortega . It stars Dove Cameron , Cameron Boyce , Booboo Stewart , Sofia Carson as modernized depictions of the teenage children based on the villains featured in Walt Disney Animation Studios' animated films . The plot follows these teenagers adjusting to life outside the Isle of the Lost, while on a mission to steal the Fairy Godmother's wand and free their parents from captivity. The film debuted on July 31, 2015 as Disney Channel Original Movie to positive reviews and 6.6 million viewers.

Following their marriage, Beast ( Dan Payne ) and Belle ( Keegan Connor Tracy ) unite all the Disney kingdoms into the United States of Auradon, and are elected the leaders. Every evildoer is rounded up and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, with a magic barrier preventing escape and inhibiting magic within it.

20 years later, their son Prince Ben (Mitchell Hope) is one month from being crowned king. His first proclamation offers redemption to small starter group of children from the Isle of the Lost consisting of Mal ( Dove Cameron ), daughter of Maleficent ( Kristin Chenoweth ); Carlos ( Cameron Boyce ), son of Cruella de Vil ( Wendy Raquel Robinson ); Jay ( Booboo Stewart ), son of Jafar ( Maz Jobrani ), and Evie ( Sofia Carson ), daughter of the Evil Queen ( Kathy Najimy ). They are allowed to attend Auradon Prep, with the teenage children of iconic Disney heroes. The four of them are shown to be doing their usual activities until they are called by Maleficent ("Rotten to the Core"). Maleficent charges them with stealing Fairy Godmother's wand, to break the barrier and increase her power. Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos arrive at Auradon Prep and set out to steal the wand using Evie's magic mirror to locate it at a nearby museum. After seeing statues of their parents, Mal begins questioning being good and evil. However, she is then convinced to follow through with the plan after having a vision of Maleficent saying to follow her example ("Evil Like Me"). Unfortunately, Jay sets off an alarm when repelled by a barrier protecting the wand; they barely manage to elude the guard and flee.

On their first day, Jay is recruited for the school's tourney sports team. Carlos, who was raised by Cruella to fear dogs, ends up befriending the school's mutt, Dude. Evie becomes infatuated with Chad Charming (Jedidiah Goodacre), son of Cinderella and Prince Charming, who tricks her into doing his homework; she constantly turns down Doug (Zachary Gibson), son of Dopey, who is smitten with her. However, she learns Fairy Godmother will bless Ben at the coronation with her wand. Mal manipulates Fairy Godmother's insecure daughter Jane (Brenna D'Amico), by using magic to make her hair more beautiful and saying only the magic wand can do more. After hearing about Jane's hair change, Mulan's daughter, Lonnie (Dianne Doan), and other girls' ask Mal to change their hair too.

Ben visits the quartet and Mal asks him if she could be seated closer to the wand during the ceremony. Ben replies that only he, his family and girlfriend, Audrey—daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip —will be allowed to be seated up front. Mal bakes a love potion into a cookie, but has has to resort to psychology to trick Ben into eating it; Ben ate the cookie to prove he could trust a treat offered by the kid of a villain. Jay, Carlos, and Ben work together to win the tourney game and Jay is named MVP. Ben declares his love for Mal, asking her to the coronation ("Did I Mention"). Chad has Evie's magic mirror taken away, forcing her to take a test without its aid. Evie gets a 'B', proving she is intelligent without the mirror's help; she tells Doug, who believed in her. Ben asks Mal on a date and Evie helps her get ready. While on the date, Mal and Ben get to know each other. Ben decides to go for a swim but Mal declines joining; she begins questioning if she does love Ben ("If Only"). When Mal doesn't see Ben surface from the lake, she jumps in despite not being able to swim. Ben helps her get out, asking if she reciprocates his feelings of love and she replies by saying that she doesn't know what love feels like. Ben says that maybe he can teach her.

As their parents aren't allowed off the island, the kids video chat with them for Auradon Prep's Parents' Day; after Maleficent's subtle message, Mal says the quartet they are goners if they fail. However, all four begin having regrets ("If Only (Reprise)"). At Parents' Day, everyone is having a good time ("Be Our Guest"). Ben introduces Mal to his parents as his new girlfriend, much to their shock. Meeting Audrey's grandmother (Judith Maxine), Mal comes to feel sorry for her missing Aurora's childhood due to Maleficent's curse. When Chad insults the group, Evie sprays him with a weak sleeping potion in retaliation. After the lunch, the other students, now including Jane, mock the villain kids; a hurt Mal undoes Jane's hair regressing it back to normal, threatening to do the same to the other girls. The group reluctantly plan to steal the wand.

The day of the coronation arrives and Mal gives Ben a brownie with the anti-love spell. He reveals he knew all along because the spell was broken during their first date when he swam in the Enchanted Lake, which washed away the spell. In panic, Mal asks if he had been faking his feelings for her since then, but he tells her that his feelings are genuine as he entrusts her with his signet ring, this makes her happy and begin questioning her actions again. During the ceremony, the wand is snatched up by Jane who wants to use it to give herself the magical makeover her mother won't allow. Unable to control the magic, Jane accidentally makes a hole in the Isle of the Lost's barrier. Maleficent takes advantage of the breach and flies away in a dark smoke. Mal manages to pry the wand from Jane, and with encouragement from Ben, admits she loves her friends and wishes to stay at the school to be with Ben because it makes her happy.

Maleficent arrives, renders everyone at the coronation still except for her and the kids; they attempt stopping her, unable to convince her to let go of her evil plans. Maleficent turns into her dragon form to kill them, but Mal uses a spell that shrinks her mother down to a small lizard , equivalent to the love in her heart. Everyone unfreezes and the quartet resolve to be good. Maleficent's lizard form is taken away by Beast's guards where it is stated by the Fairy Godmother that Maleficent won't be a lizard forever as long as she gets more love in her. Mal persuades the Fairy Godmother not to be angry with Jane. Cruella de Vil, Jafar, and the Evil Queen see the fireworks from the Isle of the Lost.

In the end, the whole cast sing and dance at the coronation after-party with Carlos and Jay getting Jane involved ("Set It Off"). But Mal's eyes then light up green and she gives the audience a sly smile where her narration states that this is not the end of the story, hinting at a sequel.

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