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Film Date :   January 24, 2015
Genre :   Drama Crime Comedy   
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crime comedy-drama film written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa and starring Shameik Moore , Tony Revolori , Kiersey Clemons , Kimberly Elise , Chanel Iman , Tyga , Blake Anderson , Zoë Kravitz , and A$AP Rocky . The film was produced by Forest Whitaker , executive produced by Pharrell Williams , and co-executive produced by Sean Combs .

At the festival, the film received offers from at least six production companies and film studios before its rights were sold to Open Road Films (who will distribute the film domestically) and Sony (who will distribute the film internationally) for a reported $7 million plus $20 million for marketing and promotion.It was selected to close the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival .Dopewas released in North American theaters on June 19, 2015.

Malcolm Adekanbi is a high school senior obsessed with old school hip hop and, along with his friends Jib and Diggy, he's a geek that's constantly pushed around by bigger kids at school. They all live in a part of Inglewood, California called "The Bottoms." Malcolm's ultimate dream is to go to Harvard but in a meeting with his counselor, Mr. Bailey, his dreams are dismissed. Mr. Bailey calls Malcolm's desire to attend Harvard an arrogant one, and that his straight A's don't mean a thing. Bailey then refers Malcolm to a man named Austin Jacoby for an interview for college admissions.

On their way home, Malcolm and his friends nearly get their bikes stolen as they go down a street occupied by dope dealers. Malcolm rides past one particular dealer, Dom, who then tells Malcolm to go a few buildings over to talk to a girl named Nakia. Dom makes Malcolm invite her to a birthday party for Dom. Nakia says she'll go if Malcolm is there. Malcolm tells Jib and Diggy, who both think it would be a great idea if they went.

The three go to a nightclub where Dom's party takes place. At the party, Dom and his crew are playing cards and buying powdered Molly when two rival gang members kick the door in and shoot one of Dom's crew members and cause panic in the club. Dom hides behind the bar and finds Malcolm's backpack. Thinking fast, he stuffs the molly and his gun in the the backpack, runs to Malcolm and tells him to run and don't stop. Malcolm sees Nakia on the floor and he helps her up.

Nakia drives Malcolm home, thanking him for helping her. She likes him for not being like Dom and the other guys she's used to dealing with. Malcolm says he's just a geek. He asks Nakia to prom since she says she missed hers when she was in school, and he offers to help her study for her GED. Nakia says she'll think about it. The next morning at school, Malcolm walks past the metal detector, which goes crazy. The guard dog barks wildly at Malcolm, but the guard lets him walk away. Malcolm looks in his backpack and finds a few bags of molly and a gun. Panicked, he runs into the band room with Jib and Diggy. Malcolm realizes Dom slipped all of that in there during the shootout at the club. Someone then calls Malcolm's phone and demands that he bring the contents of the bag to him later in the day, or else.

Malcolm walks over to a red El Camino as instructed, until he gets a phone call from Dom as he's being held at the station. He tells Malcolm that he is not with the guy in the car and that he needs to get out of there immediately since those guys could kill him after taking the drugs and gun. He orders Malcolm to go to an address that he'll text him and to ask for "AJ".

The three go to the address that Dom sends them to. They meet Jaleel and his half-naked sister Lily. AJ is their father, and since he won't be home until later, he invites the three inside to hang out. Jaleel then takes Jib and Diggy out with him to get food while Malcolm stays with Lily. She ends up seducing him and offers to take his virginity. Malcolm then finds Lily taking some of the molly from his backpack. She acts wildly and then straddles Malcolm until she vomits on his face. Malcolm then gets a phone call from Mr. Bailey reminding him of his alumni interview. Lily offers to drive him there.

Lily is still drugged up and drives recklessly through the streets until she stops at a stop sign. The cops drive through, missing seeing her half-passed out. Malcolm tries to wake her up, and she springs up yelling that she has to pee. Lily runs in front of a Starbucks and squats over to pee by a bush, with other people watching and taping her. Malcolm then takes the car and heads to the meeting himself.

Malcolm meets with Austin Jacoby in Jacoby's office. He realizes Jacoby is AJ after seeing pictures of Dom, Lily, and Jaleel in the office. He mentions having something for the man as instructed by Dom, but Jacoby doesn't want the drugs after this botched delivery. Jacoby implicitly tells him that with Dom in jail, there is no method of selling the drugs, but he needs them sold anyway. He then implicitly says that he will get Malcolm to Harvard if he can sell the drugs. He then reschedules the interview to give Malcolm time. With no other options, Malcolm, Jib, and Diggy decide to seek help from a stoner/hacker they met at band camp years ago named Will Sherwood. Will helps the three organize an online network through Bitcoin transactions that would allow them to sell the molly without getting it traced back to them.

The drug gets lots of attention after a video of Lily peeing in front of Starbucks goes viral, so the drug itself is nicknamed "Lily".

Malcolm runs into Nakia, who still wants to study. He helps her, and she later opens up to him about dealing with guys like Dom. Malcolm thinks she was sent there by Dom to gather info on the drugs. Offended, Nakia leaves and says Malcolm is just like all the other guys. When trying to collect cash in exchange for the Bitcoin currency, Will tells Malcolm that they need to go "black market" for the money. The three meet with another gangster named Fidel X. Malcolm does so and then proceeds to give him a drive in exchange for the cash.

Malcolm goes home and starts to come up with a new college essay. He describes two students - Student A is a geek that hangs out with his friends and gets straight A's, while Student B earns a lot of money in an unethical way. He asks, "Which student do you think I am?"

Malcolm returns to Jacoby's office and reveals that he secretly linked the bitcoin account to Jacoby's personal accounts. He brings ten percent of the money in cash, but tells Jacoby that he set up the account so that the DEA can trace the account if Jacoby ever tries to transfer the money electronically. Malcolm is the only way to get to the money, so Jacoby cannot kill him. Malcolm then demands that Jacoby get him into Harvard if he wants the money. Jacoby agrees to Malcolm's terms.

Malcolm and his friends go to prom together. He waits for Nakia after having apologized and still giving her a prom ticket. He goes home and finds her standing outside. She thanks Malcolm for helping her pass her GED. She then gives him a pass for Six Flags. She kisses Malcolm's cheek and walks back into her house.

Malcolm then goes home to find a big envelope from Harvard on his bed. He opens it and reads what's inside. He then looks to the audience for a moment before he smiles.

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