Face/Off Face/Off
Film Date :   June 27, 1997
Genre :   Drama Action Suspense   
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Face/Offis a 1997 action thriller film directed by John Woo , starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage . The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist , sworn enemies who assume the physical appearance of one another.

The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences, and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics. Eventually grossing $245 million worldwide,Face/Offwas a financial success.

Freelance terrorist Castor Troy ( Nicolas Cage ) is relentlessly pursued by FBI Special Agent in Charge Sean Archer ( John Travolta ). Years earlier, Castor, in an attempt to kill Archer, accidentally killed Archer's young son, Michael; the two have been obsessed with each other ever since. The FBI receives information that Castor's brother, Pollux ( Alessandro Nivola ), has chartered a plane at LAX airport. Archer knows that Pollux will not fly without Castor, so he leads a joint FBI/ LAPD team to chase the plane down, which crashes into a hangar. In the ensuing chaos, Pollux is captured by the FBI and Castor is knocked into a coma after bragging to Archer about a bomb that will destroy Los Angeles . Archer's work colleagues congratulate him on catching Castor, but Archer rebuffs the praise he is given and says it should go to those who died attempting to arrest Castor.

Although he learns the date of the bombing, Archer is unable to find any information about the location of the bomb itself. Knowing that the only way to obtain the location is from Pollux; and the only person Pollux will reveal the location to is his brother Castor, Archer's colleagues present him with a top-secret mission: he will undergo an experimental surgical procedure to temporarily graft Castor's face onto his skull, infiltrate the prison where Pollux is being held, and get the location of the bomb. Arrangements are made for Archer (as Castor) to be incarcerated with Pollux in prison. Once there, he successfully learns the bomb's location. Meanwhile, Castor unexpectedly awakens from his coma and, realizing what has happened, calls his men to kidnap the doctor who performed the surgery. Castor then forces the doctor to give him Archer's face. Castor (as Archer) visits Archer in prison, informing him that he killed everyone who knew about Archer’s mission and destroyed all the evidence. He leaves, telling Archer his plans to take advantage of his job and family. Castor then has the FBI negotiate a deal with Pollux for his release, in return for revealing the bomb's location. Castor proceeds to disarm the bomb and revels in the praise from Archer’s colleagues and the media.

Following Castor's disarmament of the bomb, Archer begins an escape attempt . A violent battle ensues, ending with Archer successfully evading the prison guards. Later, Archer visits Castor’s entourage and successfully fools them into thinking that he is the real Castor. Archer then asks them to help kill “Archer”. Elsewhere, Castor is initiates aggressive sex play with Archer's wife Eve ( Joan Allen ) and flirts with Archer's teenage daughter Jamie ( Dominique Swain ). Meanwhile, Archer finds himself having to take drugs to impress Castor’s gang. Also present is Sasha Hassler ( Gina Gershon ), Castor's ex-girlfriend, and their son Adam. Earlier, Archer threatened to put her son into foster care . He now realizes that she is a devoted mother who is trying to raise Adam away from the poisonous influence of Castor. Archer (as Castor) promises her that Archer will not bother her anymore. Archer starts to bond with Adam, reminding him of his deceased son. Pollux, watching Castor’s old safehouse, informs Castor of Archer's arrival. Castor sends an FBI team in. A gunfight ensues, killing most of Castor’s crew, while Sasha and Adam escape with Archer’s help. As he makes his own escape, Archer catches Pollux and drops him through the apartment skylight, killing him. Later, the FBI's Assistant Director in Charge, Victor Lazarro, berates Castor for the unnecessary carnage at the safehouse. Castor confesses his true identity and kills him, blaming his death on a heart attack. As a result, Castor is promoted to FBI Assistant Director. Meanwhile, Archer returns to his suburban home and tries to convince Eve that he is really Archer; she is only convinced after he tells her the story of their first kiss.

Sometime later, Sasha and Archer track Castor to Lazarro's funeral. Archer arrives during Mass and prays in a side chapel until it finishes and the mourners leave. He then discovers that Castor is holding Eve hostage. A gunfight ensues, in which Castor's crew are killed. Sasha saves Eve and takes a bullet for Archer, before she dies she makes him promise that he will not let Adam grow up to be criminal as well. Castor then takes a late-arriving Jamie hostage, but she is able to escape, ironically using a knife trick he taught her. Castor and Archer engage in several gun fights and hand-to-hand battles. Eventually, Castor steals a speed boat and is pursued closely by Archer. After a lengthy chase, both Archer and Castor are thrown ashore by an explosion resulting from their boats colliding. The two engage in a final hand-to-hand confrontation, which results in Archer eventually killing Castor with a spear gun. Later, Eve is able to explain the entire situation to the FBI, successfully convincing them of Archer's true identity. Archer is then taken to the hospital and his face is restored.

The film ends as Archer arrives home with Adam, bringing him into his family in order to fulfill his promise to Sasha of not allowing Adam to grow up to be a criminal.

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