Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (Movie) Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (Movie) - (English) TYPE4
Film Date :   March 28, 2018
Genre :   Horror Mystery   
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Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (Movie) - (English) TYPE4

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum( Hangul : 곤지암; Hanja : 昆池岩; RR : Gonjiam) is a 2018 South Korean found footage horror film directed by Jung Bum-shik.

Two teenage boys are recording their exploration of the abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, where rumour states that the director of the hospital killed all of the patients and gone missing after. The two head towards to Room 402, the intensive care unit, and try to open the door where later revealed that, no one has successfully open the door since the hospital closure. The boys suddenly hear ping pong ball and their broadcast ended. After seeing news of the teenagers disappearance, Ha-Joon, the owner of YouTube channel "Horror Times", decided to explore the building as well.

At a café in Seoul , Ha-Joon meet up with six friends, 3 females; A-Yeon, Charlotte, a Korean-American and Ji-Hyun, and 3 males; Sung-Hoon, Seung-Wook and Je-Yoon. He explained that they will do live broadcast of their exploration of the hospital and earn money through advertisements, targeting at one million viewership.

The next day, they traveled to the hospital, setting up base camp off the main road. Sung-Hoon and Seung-Wook then proceed to set up various cameras throughout the hospital. After having meal, Ha-Joon stays at the base camp to control the broadcast and the remaining members are equipped with GoPro cameras, and begin the exploration. While the six heading towards the hospital, they discover a pair of underwear, and tied it to a branch as a guide mark.

Upon breaking in into the premise, they make more preparation and setup more equipment to record paranormal activity, including infrared-detecting cameras in a hall. Charlotte pours holy water in a small petri dish and placed a camera beside it in order to record its reactions. As they begin their exploration, while Seung-Wook is doing his broadcasting, the door of the Director's office slams shut by itself, shocked the group. They then enter the room but found nothing unusual beside some photos, including a group photo with all the patients and staffs, and the director. Leaving the room, Seung-Wook and Sung-Hoon setup preparation for the ritual, while the others split up.

A-Yeon and Je-Yoon went to explore the 3rd floor, while Ji-Hyun and Charlotte go to the laboratory, finding various broken laboratory flasks and a decomposed chicken which give off a stench on the floor, and a doll in a broken cupboard. Later, the team reunites in the room with Seung-Wook and Sung-Hoon, where they perform a ritual which is said to 'invite' the spirit out. The red strings with bells start to shake violently, signalling the appearance of the ghost or spirit. They ran out of the room terrified, but later revealed to have been staged by Seung-Wook and Sung-Hoon, unknown to the other four, under the order of Ha-Joon, as a way to attract more viewers. As they continue to broadcast after settled down, everybody proceed to the laboratory. Charlotte and Ji-Hyun were shocked to find the doll is on the shelf instead, like it moved itself. The group discovered that it was the same doll held by one of the patient in the group photo which they have found previously in the director's office.

Je-Yoon and A-Yeon then proceed to Room 402 and try to open the door for the group, the other four go to explore the "Group Treatment Room" and see many strange coffins with a hole on the cover. Seung-Wook put his hand inside the hole to try to open the coffin and acted as if his hand was being pulled, faking it. After pulled his hand out, the group does not believe him and then Ji-Hyun tried the same. This time, Ji-Hyun hand was indeed being pulled strongly. Her hand was seriously wounded with claw-like scratches after successfully struggled out. The whole group panicked and the coffin begins to open by itself, showing nothing inside, and Charlotte scarf was being flung by unknown force. The group terrified and escaped from the room. When the four arrived at a spot which Charlotte had earlier graffiti-ed, they notice the writing, which previously read 'Lets Live', has reversed to read 'Lets Die'. An argument breaks out where Ji-Hyun and Charlotte try to convince the others that the rumours is true and the place is cursed, and the two decide to leave. Meanwhile Ha-Joon checked back the previous take and found out the writing was indeed changed, and spooked when he noticed that all six were filmed in in one of the take, which questioned himself who is actually taking that shot.

Charlotte and Ji-Hyun walked back to the base camp, sighting the underwear the team had previously used as a guide mark, but return to the same spot after already been passing it. They stood there in disbelief. Ji-Hyun suddenly smelled a stench and Charlotte looked down, finding flasks and the decomposed chicken, which are supposed to be in the laboratory. Charlotte freaked out and calls out for Ji-Hyun, who was already been hanged with back facing to Charlotte. When Charlotte turned Ji-Hyun around, Ji-Hyun face seems to be dead, but her eyes suddenly open, now entirely black, and started gibberish. Charlotte was horrified and started to run away. Relieved as she sees the base camp, she called out for Ha-Joon as she went inside, but soon realised she was trapped in a room, presumed to be Room 402. She scanned the room cautiously with her flashlight, and found Ji-Hyun standing silently in a corner of the room, but decided not to call out for her. She then noticed that the doll the group previously saw in the laboratory, is on the floor beside her feet. As she looked up ahead of her, she saw a ghost of a man. Charlotte shakingly and slowly move towards the exit trying to get out, and the ghost suddenly rushed towards her and pulled her into darkness as she screamed.

Meanwhile, Seung-Wook and Sung-Hoon follow a sound into the basement, where they saw a wheelchair pushes itself. Suddenly everything in the room begins to flung around by itself, and Seung-Wook get knocked out. A door opened and Sung-Hoon was being pulled out of the room and into the hallway by unseen forces. He tries to run back to Seung-Wook but loses consciousness when a side-door suddenly open knocking him over. Regaining consciousness moment later, Sung-Hoon runs to Je-Yoon and A-Yeon, who are still drilling and trying to open the door. Sung-Hoon tells them that Seung-Wook is trapped in the basement and confesses that while the necromancy was fake, everything else is real. Suddenly a ping-pong ball was flung into their direction and Charlotte's screaming is heard coming from inside Room 402. Je-Yoon tries to help Charlotte by forcingly opening the door, but soon the screaming faded off and the infra-red cameras started to flash non-stop and the electromagnetic field sensor hit maximum level. The door of Room 402 then creaked open by itself and the screen went dark.

Sung-Hoon, Je-Yoon and A-Yeon then find themselves trapped in a dark room where there is no window and door, waist-deep in water. Sung-Hoon then uses his camera's night vision to scan the room and he saw a female student ghost. When he tried the next time, he sees several patients' ghosts. As they attempt to escape, the three get possessed one by one, and swallowed into the darkness.

As Ha-Joon lost the communication with all his teammates, he decides to broadcast on his own, driven by his greed for views. As he heading to the hospital, he sees someone struggling through the window of Room 402 and dispatched his drone to the window, in an attempt for later navigation, and rushes to the rescue. Upon entering the room, he realizes that it was a hallucination, as what he sees in the camera taken by the drone he dispatched to the window earlier, is himself. It is revealed that the person he saw before entering the hospital was his future self. Ha-Joon horrified, and turned the camera backwards slowly, and see the director's ghost is behind him. He is then strangled, presumed dead. It is also revealed that their live broadcast website was also an illusion created by the young ghost girl sitting on a chair on the background of their "Horror Times" channel, which the viewership is actually just slightly more than 500 instead of nearing one million as previously shown. The ghost was then disappeared from the background.

Regaining consciousness, Seung-Wook finds himself strapped to a wheelchair. The wheelchair slowly rolls towards to Room 402 by itself, and Seung-Wook desperately cries out for his teammates. As the wheelchair move faster, he sees various apparitions and hears gibberish from the side cell-like room window. Seung-Wook was then pulled into Room 402 in high speed, and the door shuts close.

The film ends with holy water in the petri dish which previously poured by Charlotte, starting to boil, implying holy water has the effect to repel ghosts.

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