Minority Report [Steven Spielberg /Tom Cruise ] Minority Report [Steven Spielberg /Tom Cruise ]
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Minority Report [Steven Spielberg /Tom Cruise ]

Minority Report [Steven Spielberg /Tom Cruise ]

In 2054, John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is a member of an experimental Washington, D.C. police force known as Precrime, which uses future visions generated by three "precogs", mutated humans with precognition abilities, to stop murders. Due to the unit's actions, D.C. has been essentially murder-free for six years. Though chief of the force, Anderton has been addicted to an illegal psychoactive drug since the disappearance of his son Sean (Dominic Scott Kay), which also caused his wife Lara to leave him. With the Precrime concept poised to go nationwide, the system is audited by Danny Witwer (Colin Farrell), a member of the Department of Justice. During the audit, the precogs predict that Anderton will murder a man named Leo Crow (Mike Binder) in 36 hours; believing the incident to be a setup by Witwer, who is aware of Anderton's addiction, and given his own ignorance of Leo Crow's existence prior to this point, Anderton attempts to hide the case and quickly departs the area before Witwer begins a manhunt for him. Anderton seeks the advice of Dr. Iris Hineman (Lois Smith), the lead researcher of the Precrime technology. She explains to Anderton that the three precogs—the children of drug addicts using experimental drugs years ago—may see different visions of the future. When this happens, the system only provides data on the two reports which agree; a "minority report", showing the futures where the perpetrators may not have actually committed a murder, is discarded. According to Dr. Hineman, the female precog Agatha (Samantha Morton) is likely the one who witnesses the minority reports.

Anderton has his eyes surgically replaced to avoid iris recognition scanners before travelling back to Precrime and kidnapping Agatha. This also disables the precogs' hive mind and prevents the system from being used. Anderton takes Agatha to a hacker, who is able to extract both Agatha's vision of Crow's murder—which reveals John's case lacks a minority report—and another depicting the murder of a woman named Anne Lively (Jessica Harper), which Agatha also showed to Anderton the day before he was incriminated. In an attempt to outrun the police, Anderton and Agatha end up at the apartment building where Crow is to be killed. Anderton breaks into Crow's room and finds hundreds of pictures of children, including his son, on Crow's bed, leading him to conclude that Crow is the man responsible for Sean's disappearance. When Crow arrives, Anderton holds him at gunpoint, but ultimately decides to control his anger and place Crow under arrest. Crow admits that he was hired to plant the photos and be killed so his family would be paid handsomely; realizing Anderton will no longer kill him, Crow grabs the officer's hand, making him fire at point-blank range, and dies. After assessing Crow's "murder", Witwer doubts that Anderton killed in cold blood, and approaches the Precrime division's director Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow). Witwer, who has also discovered Agatha's recording of the Anne Lively murder, observes that someone must have manipulated the system to fake the murder. However, taking advantage of the precogs' temporary inability to operate, Burgess suddenly kills Witwer and frames Anderton for Witwer's murder.

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