No Mercy (Korean Movie 2010 용서는 없다) No Mercy (Korean Movie 2010 용서는 없다) - (English) TYPE4
Film Date :   January 7, 2010
Genre :   Crime Thriller Action   
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No Mercy (Korean Movie 2010 용서는 없다)

No Mercy (Korean Movie 2010 용서는 없다) - (English) TYPE4

The Korean movie stars Seol Kyeong-gu, Ryoo Seung-beom, and Han Hye-jin!
It is about a pathologist who chases a murderer who left a note to save his daughter.
The murder suspect informs his murders in advance and has many secrets. The story of these two characters bring much thrill!
Korean Movie “No Mercy” will be released this January 7th!

6 torn woman's body ...?Unprecedented murder occurs!?

Geum Estuary occurred in 20 women Retrieved murder.?The autopsy of the Republic of Korea's Kang Min-Ho of the best events of the requests received were in progress, a woman criminal, civil - seoyoung by 'SH is a young environmental activist is arrested as a suspect.?
Confessions of a relentless investigation into the SH with the class, but seemed to ride, Every tangential evidence of the investigative team expected the case to the girl eats.?

The event is not over.?Events as the beginning of another ...?

'Min-seo-young', and homicide detectives are looking for evidence of critical incidents, and Kang Min-Ho's daughter disappears, SH, and Kang Min-Ho that his daughter is missing in the relationship is found.?SH in the body, leaving clues and figure out the secret to spare his daughter said you could offer a dangerous business.?To save daughter's life left in the body for clues to track a serial killer and a notice of the autopsy and kept it a secret you can not avoid the confrontation of the killer begins.


Sol Kyung-gu, delayed launches of his life!

Some stations have given 100 percent immersed in the character and method acting 설경구 unfold. Actor Sol Kyung-gu is not anything new around the word "forgiveness does not" jump over again exceeded the limits. To save the kidnapped daughter, must face the killer and the autopsy doctors to take the role of tough action and vigorous pursuit Showcases and while people are at extreme depth of the smoke inside was unsuccessful. Conway and the doctor pointed out an autopsy was to blackmail the killer into chaos deulmyeo irreversible consequences on his way toward the audience will feel empathy and sorrow at the same time. The latter film, the killer's last confrontation with the fat politicians chidatneun exhausted until we went to the scene of 설경구 dedication to doing the act is felt all the staff sukyeon hameul. The audience movie "There is no forgiveness" through the smoke of his life Sol Kyung-gu will be able to see the smoke.

Ryu Seung-beom, completely transformed into a murderer!

"There is no forgiveness" Ryu Seung-beom of the killers were acting in the community since the cast will work. Natural instinct to learn as much as he can act with a sense of Ryu Seung-beom to postpone the murderer would have been enough in the community. The stick used by Ryu Seung-beom own design, film props and costumes in the film wearing only a person's own choosing two such extraordinary affection for the work before the shooting revealed. Went to shoot a man to identify with Sol Kyung-gu, Han Hye-jin, as well as other staff deulgwado almost say the mix does not isolate yourself immersed in the said figures. I do not feel cold, thanks to the killer's Ryu Seung-beom, behaving like a madman, not a murderer, a murderer with the continent as a callous and cruel, his appearance could be postponed appalled. So just imagine the hard reality, face off with just a double murderer who had to postpone to the next level with their grown Ryu Seung-beom's new look is expected.

Han Hye-jin, a detective with introductory screen!

Han Hye Jin queen of the tube "is no excuse" for gas in the film begins as an actor. Han Hye Jin is a passionate detective role mateun 'Min-seo-young' station. Chung of the many actresses tamnaetdeon to be able to assume the role that Kim Hyung Han Hye Jin Director decision was because of the nature and sharp. Han Hye Jin at a meeting with the first scenario, the genus' Min-seo-young 'face, and seemed to be the director Kim Hyung Eccentric have positive thinking and daring and pushing a small dwarf appearance and strength, unlike the' Min-seo -young ', and Han Hye-jin's physical appearance is too similar to' Min-seo-young 'station is eligible to be heard instincts. I'm excited to cast the news so I wanted to, but the Han Hye Jin keotda yeokinmankeum burden. Sol Kyung-gu, Ryu Seung-beom two actors with a keen through the smoke seemed to grow a balanced act of confessing Han Hye-jin "is no excuse" is one of the key points you should see your eyes.

Luxury acting ensemble of actors!

"There is no forgiveness" The Han Hye-jin, seongjiru, namgyeongeup can see the excellent ensemble acting is work. Kunsan, each of which recruits hyeongsain Homicide Detective, a senior detective, detective lieutenant, as disagreements and argue sometimes, and sometimes to show off the hottest team is struggling to resolve the case. Hameul new detective with a sharp reasoning and marginally brilliant 'Min-seo-young' (Han Hye-jin) and the first instinct to beat the senior detective investigating yunjonggang (seongjiru) beolyineun nerves that life in a fun and Put the poles. The friction of these quarrels are spearheading the murder eoreugo dalraemyeo ohbanjang (namgyeongeup) smooth charisma gives him the center of the poles. River City detectives 'Min-seo-young' the pure and passionate character depicted as slick and Han Hye-jin showed quite distinctive presence seongjiru smoke, smoke accumulated 31 years younger in naegong Spanning the sileojun namgyeongeup mugegam film. The three people completed the full character of the feast "is no excuse" would be a great pleasure to prehistoric.

Skill and charisma to explode 설경구 inimitable personality and acting style vs Ryu Seung-beom
They will start meeting hot!

The best actor and the star power of actors proudly representing Republic of Korea, Ryu Seung-beom finally met with Sol Kyung-gu. South Korea's leading film works through a variety of guchukhaeon own acting world No place for two actors, they unfold to see movie "Forgiveness does not" match the charisma of the two actors seem to fill the screen alone.
Do not stop the passion and skill to impress the public actor Sol Kyung-gu. He "is no excuse" for his daughter's life to save a murderer from the autopsy doctors to return to Kang Min-Ho. -Qualified for the role of the autopsy doctors the authority of the Republic of Korea boasts the best that the autopsy doctors 'road to the' direct examination, Dr. exercise that adds realism to the character and the other hand, weight loss and a sense of fashion could not see the previous point in the film and a smooth appearance will be featured.
Sol Kyung-gu and a tense confrontation smoke pyeolchil unique personality of the owner to learn that Ryu Seung-beom. Any role he 'ryuseungbeomhwa' Demon not be an exaggeration to act as an instinctive sense of expressive and compelling genius actor. Now it's a unique killer Ryu Seung-beom can only hope to make the reasons for delay. Republic of Korea's top two actors with charisma and skill Sol Kyung-gu, Ryu Seung-beom. The acting ensemble in this show the perfect creepy incredibly fucking self "is no excuse" is already attracting attention is the best anticipated.

Unprecedented murder, bearing the secret killer, the beginning of another one ...
Power is an authentic thriller game!

"Memories of Murder," "Seven Days," "Chaser," "Mother" as shown in the film due to the high completeness of the film industry in South Korea to avoid regarded thriller genre with the recent renaissance is not an exaggeration to hit. Geumankeum to meet the increased expectations of the audience what is important than the film's strong completeness. "There is no forgiveness" is simply exciting and provocative material and non-inverting and tremble that looks like it's probably the cause rather than the curiosity of the audience, everyone can resonate the essence of human emotions and conflicts that exist within the subtle to draw mugegam pay cinema. Murder and first-ever question of the pebbly Along clues and evidence, it is more hidden in the audience have been waiting for this big event. Thrown to the cruel fate and a tragic ending a tense match. The film wound and stained with guilt and vividly reveals the inner man. Completeness requirement can be called high-thriller of a charismatic actor, full of urgency and speedy deployment, armed with hot movie "There is no forgiveness". "There is no excuse" to hang the hearts of the audience thriller genre, and stick to the basic formula mukjikhage chasing power will be remembered as an authentic thriller.

Different cinematic pleasure
Republic of Korea to the world of scientific investigation unfolds on the screen!

With the popularity of various American crime drama series, profiling for criminal investigation and the public's interest and knowledge levels increased further. Korea Movie and Drama, but the reality is still alive and forensic autopsy, the doctor put the world did not pay. South Korea's first film as a "no forgiveness" to the world of forensics through the Republic of Korea would not want to be public. Created two years of planning scenarios across a number of crime lab work in the field, interviews and thorough medical examination of research based on the word metabolism, acting through one alive has sumswidorok. The Republic of Korea's leading expert examination of the 'road to' after the doctor's strict advice to a small portion of the film was has been working to bring realism. The autopsy doctor comes directly 설경구 'road to the' lab to the doctor receives the autopsy doctor geodeupnatda professional examination. Republic of Korea's first film released with the autopsy scene that gimwoohyeong Director of Photography is a unique feeling of taking the audience to take advantage of the opportunity to provide indirect experiences. In addition, National's new forensics crime lab, lab, and made longer, I set the perfect reproduction of the female body, the production design to the interpretation of real cinematic joy seonsahal audience is different.

Interview - Kim Hyung Director

1. "There is no forgiveness" of the scenario, what did you make a plan?
3 years ago my sister was killed in a car accident, then received a lot of emotional distress. Then the family as a buzzword think I'm going to create a thriller that was bound to write, came weeks after a 5 high.

2. Through the film to express what one is?
Through which the two opposing extremes of 'forgiveness' for the things I wanted to say. Movies backgrounds genus Geum Estuary is to express the material was cut off, but he can not forgive these two men break through the limits of the conflict, he wanted to show in the tragedy. And the title 'There is no excuse, but it is baneojeok representation, whether you forgive him, though,' wanted to throw a buzzword.

3. Sol Kyung-gu is the reason for casting actors, and what do you think?
The old scenario of the accident "a voice that guy" I've been called to work, Sol Kyung-gu in the eyes of a loving father felt strong as Kang Min-Ho, you think we'd heard. Korea's top actors of the work I knew it was good enough to have felt once again showed.

4. 'Kang Min-Ho, because the autopsy is set to a doctor?
Thriller released in the event that the principal way most fed up with the idea of hyeongsain It had a lot of cases. A doctor's job to select the autopsy so, it limits the film's shocking ending, or parts, to highlight the tragic elements itgetdan felt.

5. Do you think any actor Ryu Seung-beom? Shows some smoke, a double murderer, how did you express?
Seung Bum age stars of those who smoke the most emotional well-being pulled off fire. The feeling of playing with the annual ring are better actors than I think. Usually I look at psycho-thriller coming up with killer passes, we set the film was some kind of trauma. Why not a psychopath commits murder, the trauma of the past trauma, as is the double act. Most of the feelings of the jagged appearance in the film is not a psychotic killer on the continent and with his agreement to let the killer saw the smoke, and consequently are very pleased with his performance.

6. 'SH', unlike the traditional killers of the film that polio has set up a reason for this is?
But now almost past, polio, polio and marginalized who suffer from illness, thought the hierarchy. In fact, the marginalized people did not know geolryeoteotda vaccination. So, for polio, the alienated bourgeois representation is a part like setting. In addition, footprints, or the murder weapon in terms of such interesting material can be used for scenario I think I chose.

7. Han Hye Jin is a reason for casting actors, and what do you think?
Scenario, when the first meeting Mr. Hye genus 'Min-seo-young', and seemed to be the opposite. thick have a positive mindset, and often daring and pushing the small waesohae looks and strength. 'Min-seo-young', and Han Hye-jin's physical appearance is almost similar to 'Min-seo-young' I think it's eligible for the station said.

8. The movie is directed to the most bitter part of care?
This film is not retribution by boksugeuk cheukeunjisim boksugeuk because of the victim and the perpetrator SH Kang Min-Ho that had a lot of effort to see on the horizon. Reversal of good and evil in the Old ssinyina ending to a prominent theme at the beginning I do not think the intention muteonal thought two people had to go on the horizon as possible.

9. Videos taken during preparation, or if you have a memorable episode?
Kang Min-Ho in the body to manipulate the scene to take a new forensics deals overseas. Kang Min-Ho scenario 3, apparently I've been wandering in the night had to be embellished look really tired, 설경구 the scene for the purpose of sleep before he was awake. Besides, I'd been up all night, you're saying taking a leak. And when the next morning to the staff on the ground looking exhausted but jeopgin shooting, I like to illustrate the extremes of the day will appear awake all night, finally shot back was not turned around the troubled Southern staff looking at his laughing at the memory remains.

10. Best movie scene is very detail the autopsy doeneunde How Did I describe it?
Video of the autopsy materials and might not have had a little trouble. To observe the autopsy examination of the appearance or behavior, carefully watched, thanks to an autopsy on the scene were able to hold that perspective.

15. "There is no forgiveness" as a word about the movie, you?
Cinema cruel and sad.

16. "There is no forgiveness" to the audience waiting for the word?
'The most tragic and terrible what is best' and the idea was taken to write the scenario. The audience for the film after watching it, whether can we forgive? Jotgetgo the idea that once you have done, and even 'no forgiveness' and not' We should forgive, I hope the movie was thinking.

Behind story

Sol Kyung-gu, 48 hours playing the jump!

Kang Min-Ho of the night at the mouth of Geum chugyeokssin feelings and sense of urgency filled the screen while pressing him to pay was an important and difficult scenes. The production crew from the beginning of the hunting and careful meticulous work Conti said. Under the searing summer sun, Sol Kyung-gu was the start of the chase. Beyond the fence, a narrow alley, past the hechimyeo seemed crazy, the pursuit continued for 48 hours. However, there were running alone on the verge of exhaustion of the ordeal I went 설경구 not stop here, in a car crash or fall, such as rolling over on the hill was applying. One bite, do not let go, like a hunting dog with Sol Kyung-gu plays the evil spirit playing time after the shooting ended perfectly. Weary body, but the eyes do not shake itself was the appearance of Kang Min-Ho. Kang Min-Ho's desperate to save her heart intact hamgwa stronger action-oriented pursuit of the scene represented a number of traditional Korea was not found in the film was completed as drastic and realistic scenes.

South Korea attempted to film the first realistic autopsy video!

"There is no forgiveness" a new forensic material was going to go to the cinema story. Character of the profession, the autopsy doctor, due to the unique setting realistic autopsy scene in South Korea's first film were taken. To create a body similar to the actual and supposed to be a special team of the Gangnam-one months in hospitals work to seal the autopsy shows the actual observed fat politicians. The murder story based on the deployment of the body because it conforms to the very detail of his crew's belief that it was a must. Pig's intestine, eun yukbu, giblets, and special materials used in silicon production process for a pile more than two months have been spent, the numerous trials and materials must be imported from abroad because of the conditions have heard quite a lot of money. Similar to the actor's skin color would be a formidable crew was the most difficult process was the beef. Summer is a narrow one on the set filming the smell of pig eun yukbu staff then he just builds a weak stomach can not tolerate the disturbance ttwichyeonaga was unearthly. Created through the laborious process of careful examination of the scene Korea movie let one step upgrade was a big leap.


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