Our town 2007 Our town 2007 - (English) TYPE5
Film Date :   November 29, 2007
Genre :   Thriller Crime   
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Our town 2007

Our town 2007 - (English) TYPE5

"At first I just was ...."

kyong-ju NA:
today I wrote a mystery novel was rejected from the publisher. Reality is not it? Son of a bitch, literature of the 'Moon', Chuck ... I know on the subject do not sleep to be back home in front of the door, contact the landlord needs the memo is attached. Get the key from his pocket a key that does not gonna put my keys. Shit, unpaid rent, the landlord said annaen bakkwotgun lock. Can raise money without the need to visit her a couple of things to get the matter was to open the door. Once inside the house and win the landlord, I think the most important pictures of my family was broken glass on the floor was nadwinggulgo. Do you know what happened to climb chameumyeo painter chimileo do not know that he's asked. Let me say najeumakhan landlord jueu voice frames angkaljin offensive remarks to me as the voice peobutneunda hesitation. Then in my head, want to kill this year, think bold brush short passed. Heulreoteulkka How much time? Cassette in the cell pop sound sleep in the sink for a drink of water to stay awake dagagaja, the landlord's body lying on the floor. Moment, I am in shock and fear that the dump hwipssain jujeoanah heuneukkyeo cried for a while. Then, looking at the body, your heart was. This is something I did not, then who's going on? Then, suddenly in the news lately a series of murders remembered talking. Only the body of banra spree and killing women in public places, set the display in the shape of the cross. I had decided to started taking her pants were went to ...

"Can not stop now!"

hyoyi NA:
dog for a walk with Sonya Super on the way back after you met. Tudeolgeorimyeo to disassemble the box and saw myself, ma'am, with your help, we are also asked ssawotneun. He hung her again yesterday killing freak incident happened he was worried about 24 young girls could do anything to grab said. What's that sound? Key to open the door to hurry back to the stationery from teuleotda TV. Finish TV news about the murder yesterday, the police were going to be 6 months, women in a serial murder case, Jung-gu, were of the same pan, and got the job. Who the hell, why does my impersonation out murder? I am gripped with a little anger and a strange excitement. Who said he was not very gunggeumhayeo stand. Who is he to find out accurate information on the need to murder. And for some reason do not know, but I'm the guy to talk to me ... Now I turn to answer. After a while, turn on the Internet to search for articles about yesterday after the murder, reporters had to face in the home. And black lettering on the cover of a diary (= cardboard cutout), the'00 Daily said was inscribed. Daily, the scanner is placed next to'00 'news coming out of the business card was created. Finally, once the mirror, then the entrance to the stationery to oechuljung a walk sign, and I moved to step into the police station.

"I can smell the blood from you ..."

jaesin NA:
I just look through the case file, who did eat for days about canonicalization, the answer is negative. Besides, in the murder of days, unlike the previous case, the victim's mouth were full of coins. He is now doing the people's byeoljit neomgyeotjiman I have no say where the knowledge is seokyeon Politics. Take a road trip complex, a friend asked for a race with the release of racing headed home. A murder mystery based on the actual race and the two do not have to write a novel my friend. Whether the door is locked out from the key distribution, so as usual went out to the house. PC is a drop box placed on the floor next to my desk and looked down the house. It's a little house cleaning, and buying a child ... look like you're a complete mess. Wait for a long time to come, not knowing when he became free, I sat in front of the computer to make the Internet. Floating on your desktop to write the book title race came into my sight. . Unknown to the file by clicking on yikkeulrim gradually I started to read the novel I felt my whole body crustily ohms. The speed of the mouse to drag and gradually began to get faster and faster. Are you on the head with your heart heulreonaeryeotda dearest wish. At this point, deulryeooh closed the file in the footsteps reflex reaction, I took a bag of food, entered the race. Busy as an excuse to say, and hurry to the door, cutting off his mouth, I feel that gaeunchi mokundong was largely open. Deuleoseoja the police open the door, get on my desk that someone had the goods. The victim got in the shape of the cross doll 1,2,, 3,4 times, and placed fifth on the left side yeosajang inhyeongman was placed on the right side separately. And all 4 pictures and photos of the rest in one of the body, hands tied in a knot is marked with a colored pencil was red. Right-handed and left-handed ... the killer is a copycat crime of someone that came to us to teach to the middle between the police will!! He's screwing us right now .... Then, the last murder, who the real killer jityimyeo it wants to, why could not we? And the murder of racing with the fifth novel, and what the hell does that relationship?

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