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Perfect High

Lifetime movie starring Bella Thorne , Israel Broussard , Daniella Bobadilla , and Ross Butler.The film premiered June 27, 2015 on Lifetime .

A young dancer, Amanda (Bella Thorne) dislocates her knee during a dance routine. She is rushed to a hospital where she is given the drug Hydrocodone for pain. She begins to take the drug often and is later approached by Riley (Daniela Bobdalla), who asks her to share the pills. Amanda is suspicious but gives her some. Later that week she starts dancing again, but her knee hurts after the performance. Earlier that evening Amanda asks Allie if she wants to have sleepover, which she accepts. However, after the performance Amanda waits outside for Allie, but she does not show up. Riley, Carson, and Riley's boyfriend, Nate (Ross Butler), are outside and ask Amanda if she needs a ride which she accepts. Carson asks if she is going home, and Riley answers for Amanda saying that she's going to come over to hang out.

They go to Riley and Carson's house where they begin drinking and watching old movies. Amanda is hesitant at first but relaxes when they begin taking her pills. They get pretty crossed, and Amanda has a great time, but hurts her knee again. Her doctor tells her to stay off her knee and renews her prescription of the Hydrocodone. Amanda begins to distance herself from Allie because she feels that she is being used just for her dance moves. She begins spending more time with Riley who persuades her to go for Carson. While hanging out, the girls steal Oxycodone from an old lady who is having a rummage sale and the foursome takes them. While under the influence of the drugs, Carson kisses Amanda and they spend the next day together watching old movies. The two spend more time together all the while Amanda's tolerance for the Hydrocodone grows as she is shown taking the pills often.

Unfortunately after her prescription runs out, her doctor refuses to refill it and she begins to feel ill. During dance team rehearsal, she is sluggish and vomits. The next morning she throws up again and her mother tells her to stay home, but she decides against it saying she can't miss practice. The four get more drugs from a dealer at their school after discussing the fact that all are suffering from withdrawal. Amanda goes to rehearsal while under the influence. She goes home with Carson and the gang, where she meets his and Riley's dad, Mark. Mark finds a letter from Florida State University saying that Carson got in. They[who?]celebrate and have sex for the first time, while talking about how he wants to pursue an education in film instead of business. They later attend a party where Amanda sees Carson kissing his ex-girlfriend Bridget, who apparently also got into Florida State University. Upset, Amanda quickly goes upstairs to find Riley and Nate smoking pills in a bathroom. After her initial shock, she joins them and lets them know what happened with Carson. Amanda smokes a pill and begins balancing on the bathtub after Carson walks in. She falls, cutting her head. She is rushed to the hospital where after receiving stitches, she lies to her parents about drinking and falling down. She is put on acetaminophen with codone, but finds it's not enough and texts Riley's dealer to purchase more drugs.

Amanda and Riley continue smoking pills together, all the while Amanda ignores Carson's attempts to contact her. She spends all of her money on drugs and soon finds herself penniless. Amanda's birthday approaches and instead of giving her money, her parents give her her mom's old Volvo. Carson comes to wish her a happy birthday and makes an homage to her favorite movie Say Anything by holding his tablet over his head. He presents a slideshow of them together in an attempt to have her forgive him. She is skeptical as to why she should forgive him as he still cheated on her. He explains that he and Bridget made plans to stay together if they got into the same school and when they did, he got scared. He says he has a big hole in his life where his mom isn't and he keeps filling it with the wrong people aka Bridget, but that he can't hide that from her and tells her he is sorry. She forgives him and they kiss. Later, Amanda sees her brother's ADHD medication and is about to steal it but decides doing so after talking to her brother. Rick the dealer brings them drugs from Mexico to snort, saying it's cheap Oxycontin. They snort the drugs and Amanda gets so high that she is slurring. She proceeds to black out, only coming to on her drive home when she almost has a head on collision with another car. Her mom gets suspicious about her behavior and confronts her children over the fact that her brother has been smoking marijuana. She is later at Riley and Carson's house snorting the drugs happily when they suddenly find out that they have been snorting heroin. Everyone is upset over this fact except for Riley who just laughs at the misunderstanding. Amanda tries to dispose of the drugs but Riley fights her to get them back. Amanda gets mad and makes Carson promise not to do it again. She again suffers from withdrawals and cannot focus on anything. After hearing her vomit during dinner, her mother asks if she has an eating disorder and takes her to a doctor who prescribes her anti-anxiety medication.

Amanda cannot focus during her dance team practice and her dance team decides to replace her solo for the television talent show they are auditioning for. She is mad at Allie when she learns that she will be taking her spot. She finds out that Carson and the others have begun using again and she fools herself into believing that they should start using again as a means of weaning themselves off the drug. They go to Rick to trade her anti-anxiety pills for heroin. While snorting the drug, they[who?]discover Riley shooting heroin with the dealer. After learning that it uses half the amount of the drug, the rest of the foursome decide to shoot it as well. Amanda again blacks out and Carson tells her that he loves her. The next morning, she oversleeps and drives her brother to school. On the way to taking her brother to school she is extremely sluggish from the drugs, falling asleep at the wheel while at a stop sign. Both her brother and coach notice and talk to her parents about it. The next day while visiting Amanda at her practice, Riley goes through the locker room stealing money for drugs. Amanda's coach confronts Amanda after practice, saying that she needs help and is off the team until she gets better. The team suspects that she stole the money, since she is the only one Riley did not take any money from. Amanda discovers that Riley stole the money and is upset but forgives her when she says that she did it because they hurt Amanda. Amanda's mom begins to suspect something is up again after her coach tells her about Amanda's sluggish behavior. Amanda blames her problems on the medicine her doctor gave her for her supposed eating disorder and yells at her mom. Her brother tries to talk to her to help her but she yells at him and denies that anything is wrong with her.

Later, Amanda and her friends shoot heroin and she spaces out while in line at a coffee place with Carson. Riley is anxious about not getting enough and they shoot up again. Amanda has a small seizure while high and notices that Riley is bleeding from her injection site and that her lips are blue. Upon further inspection, they realize that she is not breathing and rush her to a hospital. While driving to the hospital, Riley begins to convulse and foam at the mouth. Riley dies from an overdose. Amanda feels horrible and looks for the others. When she finds Nate after the school assembly about Riley's death, he is high and says he doesn't want to think about what happened and that Carson is missing. Everyone is told that Riley died of a heart attack, but Amanda's mom finds out that Riley died from an overdose after receiving a call from Mark. Amanda's mom asks Amanda if she has been in contact with Carson, and then asks if she knew about her friends doing drugs. Amanda denies knowing anything, but her brother says she is lying while holding her jewelry box full of drug baggies. Amanda storms out, driving away from her parents. She sends texts to everyone in her phone asking for cash for more drugs, without any luck. She goes to Rick's and sees that his dealer is currently there getting high. She asks Rick for a gram and promises that she will pay him back. He refuses and says that he doesn't do loans. The drug dealer next to him says he can hook her up, and then asks her to turn around for him. He takes a picture of her and puts $200 on it, then sends it to a friend. He says that he will hook her up if she goes to see his friend (presumably prostitution). She declines, and he says her friend Riley did it all the time. She also discovers an almost unrecognizable Carson there. He only asks if she has any drugs before walking passed her to Rick when he realizes that she doesn't. Carson encourages to do as they say and then begs her to do it so that they can get high together. Disgusted, Amanda refuses to do it. Suddenly enraged, he shakes her rather violently, demanding that she does it so that they can be together. Moving quickly, she grabs drugs off the table and runs, but the dealer pins her against a wall. She kicks him and gets away. She manages to make it back to her car with the drugs, but while stopped at a red light has flashbacks to when Riley overdosed and cannot bring herself to do the drugs in fear of the same thing happening to her.

She returns home and cries to her mother for help, apologizing for her actions. Her parents send her to rehab for her addiction. In a montage of Instagram and Facebook pictures the team is shown being very supportive of Amanda's recovery. Some time later, Allie comes to visit her at the rehab facility. The meeting is slightly awkward at first, but Amanda tells her that the visit means a lot to her. She tells Allie that she has been clean for almost a month and apologizes to her for being so cruel while she was high. She asks what happened to Nate and Carson, and Allie says that Carson moved to Florida, while Nate is rumored to be dealing. Amanda somewhat defends Nate's actions by explaining how hard it is to get out of the cycle of addiction. Allie says that the team is doing well and that they received a second callback for their audition for the talent television show. Amanda asks if Allie is still doing her solo part which she confirms. Allie attempts to defend her place as the soloist by saying she's added some steps to which Amanda says things have changed forever. Allie says that she's happy she made it out okay. The film ends with the two taking a selfie, which then turns into one giant selfie of Riley and Amanda created out of multiple pictures of them.

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