Populaire, 2012 Populaire, 2012
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Populaire, 2012

Populaire, 2012

Populaireis a 2012 French romantic comedy-drama film directed by Régis Roinsard. It was co-written by Roinsard, Daniel Presley and Romain Compingt.Populairewas released in France on 28 November 2012. The film's title is taken from the name of the typewriter (Japy Populaire) used in the film.Populairetells the story of Rose Pamphyle ( Déborah François ), who is trained by Louis Échard ( Romain Duris ) to become the fastest typist in the world through winning the 1959 international speed typing contest in New York City.

Set in 1958–1959,Populairefocuses on Rose Pamphyle ( Déborah François ), who lives with her widowed father and is destined to marry a son of the local mechanic. Rose travels out of town and applies for a secretarial job with an insurance agency run by Louis Échard ( Romain Duris ). Louis learns that Rose can type with extraordinary speed -- using only two fingers -- and he tells her to compete in a speed-typing competition if she wants the job.

While Rose makes the finals, she ultimately loses her first typing competition. Louis begins training Rose to become the fastest typist in the world. He makes a bet with his best friend, Bob Taylor -- who is married to his old sweetheart, Marie -- that Rose can win the regional competition.

Louis begins to train Rose at his home, but he sets strict rules to prevent others from knowing that Rose is staying in his boyhood bedroom. He begins to teach her to type with all ten fingers and Louis insists she take piano lessons to strengthen her fingers -- taught by Marie. As she struggles to learn to type with ten fingers, Louis encourages her, color coding the keys on her typewriter and teaching her better posture . As the seasons changes, she excels and Louis and Rose become close friends.

Rose wins her second typing competition, becoming the fastest in her home region of Lower Normandy . It becomes obvious to Louis's friends that Louis and Rose are romantically interested in each other, but Louis insists that a coach mustn't distract his student. They travel together to Paris and the night before the French national competition, Louis and Rose announce their love to one another and make love. Competing against the current national champion, Rose makes it to the finals, but struggles under the pressure. Before her final match, Louis tells Rose that he had been lying and that he has secretly been recording that her typing speed is regularly faster than her opponent's best record. Angered by his lie, Rose is enraged into winning. Rose is ecstatic at winning and flash Louis a big smile from on stage. After initially being elated, Louis begins to feel inadequate for somewhat ambiguous reasons. He abandons her and their training sessions.

Rose stays in Paris and becomes a French celebrity, endorsed by a major typing firm and begins using their newest typewriter. She never forgets Louis and calls him regularly, although Louis never answers up the phone. Louis tries to move on, but is generally depressed and feels inadequate. Rose begins to move on and is soon in New York at the world typing competition.

While Rose starts the world competition in New York, Louis struggles with his own feelings. He reaches out to Marie and asks why she chose Bob over him. She says she didn't. Louis chose to be second place. Louis explains that he could never give Rose the smile and happiness the she had when she won in Paris -- the same smile that he saw on Marie on her wedding day to Bob. Marie says, "I was smiling because I felt loved."

Louis realizes he needs to overcome his own feelings of inadequacy and flies to New York to support Rose in the international typing competition. He arrives just before the second round of the finals ends. As the judges announce the results, Rose is behind and struggling. She runs back stage to fetch her old typewriter, and Louis confronts her and professes his love. They kiss.

Rose goes on stage for the last round - seemingly energized by love. She races ahead in the final match. About half way in, her typewriter jams. She is too fast for the typewriter. She quickly recovers and races ahead again, winning the competition to be the World's fastest typist. Louis walks on stage and kisses her, ending the film on the two holding hands and the audience cheering.

The magic of the fifties, a fairytale on the blooming modern woman, with la douce France as romantic scenario, this is the delightful comedy and first feature film by Régis Roinsard.

‘Populaire’ is set in 1958. Rose is a terrible secretary but an outstanding typist. Her magnetising boss, Louis Echard, resolves to turn her into the fastest girl in the world. Just like Henry Higgins with Eliza Doolittle, Louis serves as Pygmalion to the tomboy and childlike Rose, moulding her not only into an emancipated woman, but paving her way to stardom.

Bright pastel colours are the ones that Roinsard picks from his palette to portray France during industrialisation, marked by the rhythm of the “Populaire” typewriter, where the buttons of the letterpress printing machine match those of the nail polish used by the apprentice secretary.

Irony, romance, drama, music, candour, are the ingredients that create this truly scrumptious île flottante of vintage France. The cast is very well selected from the delightful and funny Déborah François, to the charming Romain Duris, from the mesmerising Bérénice Bejo to every single character actor of the little village of Normandy, hometown of Rose.

The vibe of Paris, the ugly duckling approaching swandom and the Ovid-Shaw archetype recall the movie ‘Funny Face.’ Just as the leitmotiv of the entire story, “Think Pink:” since the protagonist is named Rose, it feels appropriate to say that Régis Roinsard captures maturation throughout the entire Vie En “Rose.”


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