Resident Evil: Extinction Resident Evil: Extinction
Film Date :   March 15, 2002
Genre :   Horror Thriller Action Science Fiction Adventure   
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Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evilis a British-German2002 horror film written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson . The film stars Milla Jovovich , Michelle Rodriguez , Eric Mabius , and James Purefoy . It is the first installment in theResident Evilfilm series , which is based on the Capcom survival horror seriesResident Evil.

Borrowing elements from the video gamesResident EvilandResident Evil 2, the film follows amnesiac heroine Alice and a band of Umbrella Corporation commandos as they attempt to contain the outbreak of the T-Virus at a secret underground facility. The film received many negative reviews from critics but was commercially successful, grossing more than $102 million worldwide.

Inside the Hive, a top-secret genetic research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation located beneath Raccoon City , a thief throws a vial of the T-Virus into a lab causing it to escape into the air vents. The vial breaks and the facility's artificial intelligence , the Red Queen , detects possible infection . It seals the Hive, trapping and killing everyone inside.

Alice ( Milla Jovovich ) awakens in an empty mansion with amnesia . She and a police officer, Matt ( Eric Mabius ), are seized by a group of commandos and taken to an underground train station that leads to The Hive. The group discovers Spence ( James Purefoy ), also suffering from amnesia. The head of the commandos, "One" ( Colin Salmon ), explains that everyone in the group except Matt is an employee of the Umbrella Corporation. The Red Queen released a nerve gas in the mansion that caused their amnesia. The group boards the train and travels to The Hive.

They find their way to The Queen's chamber, but it is protected by a laser defense system. Four of the commandos are killed including One. The only commandos left alive are Rain ( Michelle Rodriguez ), Kaplan ( Martin Crewes ), and J.D. They set up an EMP device to disable The Queen. The AI manifests itself as the holographic of a young girl and pleads with them not to disable it, claiming that if they do then bad things will happen. The Queen's warnings are ignored; the system is disabled and the power fails, causing all of the doors to open, releasing the zombified staff into The Hive. During a running battle with the zombies, Rain becomes infected after being bitten and J.D is killed. Alice and Spence begin to regain their memories, but Matt and Alice are separated from Kaplan, Rain and Spence. Matt looks for information about his sister while Alice encounters several experimental dogs and surprises herself when she uses martial arts to defend herself.

Matt finds his sister, Lisa ( Heike Makatsch ), is already a zombie. As she attacks him Alice arrives in time to save him. Matt explains that he and Lisa attempted to smuggle out a sample of the blue vial, the T-Virus, to take down Umbrella. Matt believes that Lisa's contact is the one to blame for supposedly betraying her. Alice remembers she was Lisa's contact, but does not tell Matt. After being chased, the survivors reunite at The Queen's chamber. Alice turns The Queen back on in order to find an exit; the Red Queen agrees to help them. As they try escaping through the maintenance tunnels, they are ambushed by zombies. Kaplan is separated from the rest as pipes collapse while the group is crossing over them. Alice remembers that an anti-virus exists, a vial of green liquid.

At the lab they find the vials containing the T- Virus and anti-virus are gone. Spence regains his memory and realizes he was the person who stole and released the virus. He stashed the vials on the train. Spence gets bitten then traps the survivors in the lab then heads toward the train. Before he can inject himself with the anti-virus he is killed by a mutated creature called a Licker. The Red Queen offers to spare Alice and Matt if they kill Rain, who has been infected for too long for the anti-virus to work. As the Licker attempts to bash through the lab window to get to them, Rain tells Alice to chop off her head. After Alice smashes the monitor which the Red Queen was using to talk to them, a power-outage occurs. The laboratory door opens to reveal Kaplan, who has disabled the Red Queen.

The four survivors start the train before The Hive is quarantined again. As they head back to the mansion, the Licker hurls Kaplan from the train. Alice battles the Licker as Matt kills a now zombified Rain. After being clawed by the Licker, Matt opens a door on the floor of the train, causing the Licker to be dragged along the track and burned to death. Matt and Alice arrive at the mansion, escaping before the doors close. Matt begins mutating due to his wounds. Before Alice can give him the anti-virus the mansion doors burst open and Umbrella scientists seize them. They subdue Alice and take Matt away, revealing he is to be put into the " Nemesis Program " and they intend to re-open the Hive. Alice attempts to fight them off, but is overpowered and knocked unconscious.

Alice awakens at the Raccoon City Hospital strapped to an examination table. After escaping, she goes outside to find Raccoon City a chaotic abandoned mess. A newspaper clipping shows that the T-Virus spread to the surface after Umbrella reopened the Hive, creating an army of undead which devastated the city within hours. Alice arms herself with a shotgun from a nearby police car as the film ends.

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