Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Into Darkness
Film Date :   April 23, 2013
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Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darknessis a 2013 American science fiction action film . It is the twelfth installment in theStar Trekfranchise and the sequel to 2009'sStar Trek. It was directed by J. J. Abrams from a screenplay written by Roberto Orci , Alex Kurtzman , and Damon Lindelof , based on the series of the same name created by Gene Roddenberry . Lindelof, Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams also serve as producers, along with Bryan Burk . Chris Pine reprises his role as Captain James T. Kirk , with Zachary Quinto , Karl Urban , Zoe Saldana , Anton Yelchin , Simon Pegg , Leonard Nimoy , John Cho , and Bruce Greenwood reprising their roles from the previous film. Benedict Cumberbatch , Peter Weller and Alice Eve round out the film's principal cast.

After the release ofStar Trek, Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Kurtzman and Orci signed up to produce the film. In 2011, the supporting cast was rounded out with Cumberbatch, Weller and Eve brought in to portray key roles. Filming began in January 2012. The film was shot entirely in California . The film's visual effects were handled by Industrial Light & Magic .

in Sydney on April 23, 2013,and was released on May 9, 2013, in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and parts of Europe and Peru,with other countries following. The film was released on May 16, 2013, in the United States and Canada, opening at IMAX cinemas one day earlier.

The USSEnterprisehas been sent to survey a planet in the Nibiru system, home to a primitive civilization. Captain James T. Kirk violates the Prime Directive when First Officer Spock 's life is jeopardized by an erupting volcano , exposing theEnterpriseto the planet's civilization during the rescue. Upon their return to Earth, Kirk is demoted and Admiral Christopher Pike is reinstated as commander ofEnterprise. Pike, feeling that Kirk deserves a second chance, successfully lobbies to allow Kirk to be assigned as his first officer.

After a secret Section 31 installation in London is bombed, Pike and Kirk attend a meeting of Starfleet commanders to discuss the manhunt for the perpetrator, former Starfleet agent John Harrison. The meeting is attacked by a gunship piloted by Harrison. Kirk destroys the gunship, but not before Pike is killed. Harrison escapes by transporting to a deserted region on the Klingon homeworld of Kronos . Kirk is reinstated as theEnterprise's captain and receives orders from Admiral Alexander Marcus to hunt down Harrison. Marcus has 72 prototype untracable photon torpedoes delivered to theEnterprise, and orders Kirk to fire them at Harrison's location on Kronos as soon as Kirk is in range. However, Montgomery Scott resigns in protest of his not being allowed to inspect the new weapons, and Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Uhura convince Kirk that it would be just to capture rather than kill Harrison.

Enterprise, Harrison reveals his true identity as Khan , a genetically engineered superhuman who was awakened from a 300-year-long period of suspended animationby Admiral Marcus to develop weapons for a future war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire . The torpedoes are found to contain cryogenic pods with Khan's crew inside, who had previously been held hostage by Marcus.

TheEnterpriseis intercepted by an unmarked Federation warship, the USSVengeance, designed by Khan and commanded by Admiral Marcus. Marcus demands that Kirk hand over Khan, but Kirk refuses. TheEnterprisestarts to warp to Earth to have Khan stand trial, but is attacked by theVengeance. With theEnterpriseseverely damaged, Kirk offers to hand over Khan and the cryogenic pods in exchange for the lives of his crew. Marcus refuses, revealing that it was his intention all along to destroy theEnterprisein his plan to dispose of the superhumans and start a war with the Klingons. TheVengeanceprepares to open fire, but suffers a power outage caused by Scotty, who has infiltrated the ship after following directions to where it was hidden provided to Kirk by Khan. With the transporters down, Kirk takes Khan and travels to theVengeanceby "space jump" between the airlocks of each ship. After taking control of the bridge, Kirk and Scotty attempt to incapacitate Khan, who they don't trust, by stunning him; but they are overpowered when Khan proves to be more resistant to stunning than they had expected. Khan then kills Admiral Marcus and takes control of theVengeance.

Khan negotiates with Spock, beaming Kirk and his boarding party back to theEnterprisein exchange for his crew, planning to destroy theEnterprise. Spock learns from Spock Prime (the original counterpart of Spock) that Khan Noonien Singh from his timeline was tyrannical and could not be trusted, and was finally defeated, but only at "great cost". Spock hands over the torpedoes to Khan, but only after removing Khan's frozen crew and arming the torpedoes. The torpedoes incapacitate theVengeance, and both damaged starships start descending towards Earth. With a misalignment of the heads of the warp core resulting in theEnterprisebeing powerless, Kirk elects to enter the radioactive engine chamber and re-aligns the heads in time for the ship to slow its decent. Kirk,however, suffers fatal radiation poisoning in the process and dies.

Khan intentionally crashes the doomedVengeanceinto San Francisco , where Spock is transported down to pursue him. McCoy's experiment on a Tribble reveals that Khan's blood contains regenerative properties that may save Kirk. McCoy orders Kirk to be immediately cryogenically frozen and Uhura beams down to prevent Spock from killing Khan.

One year later, a revived Kirk addresses a memorial of the events. Khan has been resealed in his cryogenic pod and stored away with his crew. A rebuiltEnterprisethen departs for a five-year mission of exploration.

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