The Grudge: Old Lady in White The Grudge: Old Lady in White Mandarin Chinese SubTitle XII
Film Date :   June 27, 2009
Genre :   Drama Horror Thriller Mystery   
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The Grudge: Old Lady in White

The Grudge: Old Lady in White Mandarin Chinese SubTitle XII

The Grudge 2is an American horror film and the 2006 sequel to the 2004 American horror film remakeThe Grudge.The Grudge 2is the second film in Sony 'sThe Grudgeseries and is directed by Takashi Shimizu (director of the original series )and written by Stephen Susco .The film is produced by Sam Raimi and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar , Amber Tamblyn , Arielle Kebbel , Jenna Dewan , and Edison Chen . As stated by Takashi Shimizu the film is not a remake ofJu-on: The Grudge 2and follows a different storyline.

The film was released in North America on October 13after being pushed forward a week from the original October 20 release date .The film was released in United Kingdom on October 20 and in Australia on October 26, 2006.

As with the first film, the second focuses on the cursed house of the Saeki family. The curse was caused when Takeo Saeki murdered his wife Kayako Saeki , son Toshio Saeki and the family cat Mar before being hanged by Kayako's vengeful Onryō (in the first film he was considered to have done it willingly). Karen Davis, an American careworker became involved in the curse and attempted to burn the house down to end it, only to be hospitalized. Her ill mother sends Karen's sister Aubrey to bring her home. Aubrey struggles to speak with the Japanese hospital staff so a journalist, Eason, translates for her, having dragged Karen from the house fire. Aubrey briefly speaks with Karen who gets into a panic due to telling Aubrey not to go into the Saeki house and has to be strapped to her bed. Karen escapes to the roof, pursued by Kayako's ghost who throws her off the building to her death in front of Aubrey and Eason.

Eason explains the curse to Aubrey, venturing to the house to retrieve Kayako's old diary. However, Aubrey is lured into the house by Toshio and becomes cursed like Eason. Taking the diary to an associate, Eason and Aubrey learn Kayako's mother Mrs. Kawamata was a priestess who exorcised evil spirits from cursed people using Kayako as "bait" (spirits are attracted to children as purest souls). Planning to visit Mrs. Kawamata later, Aubrey falls asleep in Eason's apartment whilst he develops some photographs of the Saeki house. However, Kayako emerges from a photo and kills Eason. The next day, Aubrey finds Eason's body and flees to find Mrs. Kawamata. She finds the elderly woman in a rural village, but Mrs. Kawamata explains the curse is irreversible. She realizes Aubrey brought Kayako with her, and tries to murder her herself, only to be suddenly stopped by Kayako (who chokes her mother's throat) - a motive which will be revealed later. After calling her mother for a final conversation, Aubrey ventures into the Saeki house. She demands to know the motive of the curse and enters a flashback, seeing her sister walking into Kayako's bedroom, looking for her boyfriend. Aubrey follows her and shouts at her not to enter, but instead meets the evil Takeo Saeki in Kayako's bedroom, reading Kayako's diary. Takeo attacks Aubrey, mistaking her for Kayako, breaks her ankle and forces her to crawl downstairs just like the original victim, before he catches up with her, seizes her hair, and breaks her neck. Toshio watches as Takeo drags Aubrey into the attic, where Kayako comes out of the dark and stares at Aubrey as she dies, revealing that the onryo is looking for a substitute victim outside the original house in order to spread itself.

Two years later, three schoolgirls, exchange student Allison, vain Vanessa and her friend Miyuki, visit the Saeki house to challenge the rumors that it is haunted. However, Vanessa and Miyuki trap Allison in the house's closet where Toshio and then seemingly Kayako appear. The girls flee the house and are haunted by the Saeki family. Miyuki is killed by Kayako whilst staying at a love hotel with her boyfriend. When she leans back, feeling something in her sheets, she rests her back on the mirror, then suddenly Kayako reaches out from the mirror behind her and drags her into the glass to her death. Miyuki's boyfriend came out of the shower but didn't find her. Allison and Vanessa are spoken to by the school counselor Ms. Dale, but the distraught Allison runs off, followed by Ms. Dale. Vanessa is terrified when Toshio calls her using Miyuki's phone, and she is quickly consumed by Kayako's hair upon fleeing to a public phone booth. Allison later speaks with Ms. Dale about the house, but discovers she went to the house herself and is really a ghost. Allison is menaced by the ghosts of Miyuki and Vanessa before she flees from the campus and leaves for America in a panic.

A couple of months thereafter, in an apartment block in Chicago , Jake Kimble is disturbed by the strange presence in the building. His father and stepmother Bill and Trish are influenced by the curse, Bill becoming convinced that Trish is having an affair but his confrontation is short-lived when Trish wallops him with a frying pan, killing him. Sally, best friend to Jake's sister Lacey is also affected and dies. Jake is mostly fearful of the hooded stranger seen in the apartment of the Flemings, Jake's neighbors. The stranger covers the windows in newspaper, revealing haunting eyes to be staring through them. Jake and Lacey return from school to find their apartment in a mess, Jake finding his father's body, then witnessing Lacey and Trish to be consumed by the curse. Fleeing his apartment, he finds out that the Flemings are dead and finally confronts the hooded stranger, revealed to be Allison Fleming, their daughter. It is then revealed that Allison is still alive, but emotionally completely consumed and became the onryo's servant. When Kayako's mother was killed, the spirit consumed her and obtained free will, thus being able to repeat the killing process and re-invoke the grudge (using Aubrey as the victim) in order to spread itself elsewhere. With Allison becoming cursed, the spirit then used Aubrey's grudge on her and made her a servant without killing her yet. This way it was able to travel with Allison to Chicago, where it invoked the grudge within her family.

In the final sequence, Allison tells Jake that Aubrey is the new onryo, before Aubrey's ghost appears within her hood and kills her. It is then revealed that Aubrey was never the onryo but only a bait, and as Jake, left alone in the corridor, picks up Allison's discarded hoodie, Kayako emerges from it, uttering her death rattle , and looms towards Jake.

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