The Haunting In Connecticut The Haunting In Connecticut
Film Date :   March 27, 2009
Genre :   Horror Thriller   
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The Haunting In Connecticut

The Haunting In Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticutis a 2009 American psychological horror film produced by Gold Circle Films and directed by Peter Cornwell. It is alleged to have occurred to Karen Parker and her family, though Ray Garton , author ofIn a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting(1992), has publicly distanced himself from the accuracy of the events he depicted in the book.The film's story follows the fictional Campbells as they move into a house (a former mortuary ) to mitigate the strains of travel on their cancer -stricken son, Matthew. The family soon becomes haunted by violent and traumatic events from supernatural forces occupying the house.

The Haunting in Connecticutwas a moderately successful film at the box office, grossing $77,527,732,but received "generally unfavorable reviews" according to Metacritic .Gold Circle Films has announced the production of two more entries in the franchise,The Haunting in GeorgiaandThe Haunting in New Yorkbut noted that neither film would be a direct sequel to "Haunting in Connecticut" and will instead be self-contained films with unique characters.

In 1987, Sarah Campbell ( Virginia Madsen ) is driving her son Matthew ( Kyle Gallner ) home from the hospital where he has been undergoing cancer treatments. The trips are frequent and long, and they have to stop often for Matt to be sick. Sarah and her husband Peter ( Martin Donovan ), a recovering alcoholic, discuss trying to find a rental house closer to the hospital.

On another visit to the hospital, while waiting for Matt, Sarah finds a man putting up a "For Rent" sign in front of a large house. He tells Sarah that he will give her the first month for free if she takes the place, which he notes has a bit of history, as it was formerly a funeral home. On the trip home, Matt is in extreme pain, so Sarah drives back to the house and they stay for the night, using mattresses provided by the owner. Matt hears strange noises and sees his reflection become distorted, but writes the events off as a dream. Neither see a dark-cloaked figure in the house.

The following day, Peter arrives with Matt's brother Billy ( Ty Wood ) and cousins Wendy ( Amanda Crew ) and Mary ( Sophi Knight ) and they choose rooms. Matt has chosen the basement, as it it cooler and has its own bathroom, but also a mysterious door, later discovered to lead to the old morgue room. After moving into the house, Matt suffers a series of visions involving an older, bearded man and corpses with symbols carved into their skin. He also sees strange creatures and appears to his family to be having blackouts.

At the hospital, Matt has a conversation with another patient, Reverend Nicholas Popescu ( Elias Koteas ). Matt confesses that he's been seeing things and Nicholas cautions him to not mention it to the doctors as they wouldn't understand. Nicholas gives Matt his card and tells him to call him if he needs to talk. After another vision, Matt calls Nicholas and tells him about what he's been seeing and Nicholas advises him to find out what the spirit wants from him. Later, Matt is in his room and finds himself face to face with a burned figure. He asks the spirit what it wants from him and the ghost begins to move towards him. When the rest of the family comes home, they find all of the furniture has been stacked in the middle of the front room and Matt is found shirtless with his fingers bloody from scratching at the wall.

Sarah and Peter take him to the doctor who assures them that his strange behavior is not due to the cancer or the treatment he is receiving. The family is beginning to crack under the stress of Matt's illness and increasingly bizarre behavior. Sarah tries to pray for him but breaks down in tears. Peter, who is having business troubles, is also increasingly tempted to fall back into the bottle.

The next day, the children accidentally find a metal box of photographs, which show Jonah, a young man from Matt's visions, at a séance emitting ectoplasm. Wendy gets Matt to talk to her, and he admits that he's seen the boy in the photos every day since they moved into the house. Wendy suggests the house may be haunted and they should check out its history.

She researches at the library and finds out that the funeral home was run by a man named Aickman, who was the sinister bearded man that Matt has seen in his visions. Aickman also conducted psychic research and would host séances with Jonah as the medium. At one séance, all those attending, including Aickman, were found dead and Jonah disappeared. Later, in the 1950s, the state was building a new road that would run through part of the cemetery near the house and when the coffins were exhumed it was discovered that many of the bodies had disappeared and were never buried. Matt and Wendy then contact Nicholas to seek his help.

Nicholas examines the photos and the box and realizes that a smaller box contains eyelids that Aickman cut off of the corpses in the course of his processing the bodies. He theorizes that Aickman was practicing necromancy in an attempt to control the dead and binding them to the house. He realizes that Aickman did this in an attempt to magnify Jonah's medium abilities. He asks Matt and Wendy to take his hands and pray with him for the souls of the missing bodies and for Jonah.

When Matt takes their hands he again is drawn into a vision of that final séance, as he watches Jonah begins to painfully emit the ectoplasm from his mouth as Aickman looks on. The table shakes and the ectoplasm glows bright and seems to turn to fire. He is broken from the vision when Sarah comes home and demands to know who this stranger is that is in her house. Nicholas attempts to explain and warn her about the spirits in the house and their intentions toward Matt because he is near death.

That night, both Wendy and Sarah suffer visions of spirits. Peter arrives at the house, drunk, and is disgusted to see that every light in the house is on. He begins to loudly shout at everyone for having the lights on and costing him even more money. Sarah quickly gathers the family together in one room and locks the door but Peter bashes it open and yells at them while he removes the light bulbs from the room and then goes around removing all the light bulbs in the house and then smashing them in the kitchen sink. Sarah follows him outside and angrily tells him that he was acting childishly and all hes done is frightened his family. She tells him that if he gets drunk again to not bother to come home.

After Peter leaves, the family is again asleep when all of the electronics in the house go haywire. The cacophony terrifies the family and in desperation Sarah contacts Nicholas. Nicholas finds a fragment of a skull in the furnace and removes it and other remains from the house, and the activity stops.

Matt awakens later to find that something has carved Aikmans symbols into his flesh and he begins to scream. He is taken to the hospital where he again encounters Jonah. Meanwhile, Nicholas nearly crashes his car when Jonah appears in his back seat. He and Matt begin to have simultaneous visions, where Jonah is attacked by the house, and burned alive by the furnace. After imparting this final vision to Nicholas, Jonahs spirit disappears as his ashes float out of Nicholas car.

Peter and Sarah meet at the hospital and learn that Matt's cancer treatments have had no effect. He tells them that Matt is going to die and he has no idea what is keeping him alive. They discover Matt has escaped the hospital.

Back at the house, Wendy discovers all the food in the house has suddenly turned rotten or moldy. She takes a shower, while Nicholas leaves a message telling the family to get out of the house immediately – Jonah's spirit was protecting them from the spirits bound to the house, not a threat. Wendy is nearly suffocated by the shower curtain, but escapes, only to see Matt approaching the house with an axe. She panics and runs back in to tell the children to hide as she locks the door, only to have Matt break through with the axe.

Matt breaks through the walls in the front room with axe, revealing the corpses Aickman hid in the walls. Matt forces Wendy and the children out of the house telling her to not let anyone stop the fire. He barricades himself in the house and begins to tear down the other false walls as marked corpses begin to tumble into the room. As he swings the axe the view switches from Matt to Jonah, who seems to be occupying Matt's body. After he finishes knocking down the walls, Matt gets bottles of formaldehyde from the basement and lights the bodies and the room on fire, then crouches in the middle of the room to await the flames as the bound spirits gather around him.

Sarah and Peter arrive with the fire department and frantically try to get in to save Matt. Nicholas also arrives and Sarah asks him why it isn't over. Sarah gets around a firefighter and into the house and grabs Matt and drags him under a table to avoid the falling timbers. The spirits appear again, but then finally disappear, seemingly freed as a firefighter breaks through the wall to pull Matt and Sarah from the house.

Outside, Sarah watches frantically as the emergency crew attempts to resuscitate Matt. As Matt slips away he has a vision of himself standing in the graveyard where he sees Jonah, no longer appearing burnt, standing in the distance. He seems about to follow Jonah when he hears his mothers voice and returns to his body where he coughs and Jonahs spirit leaves him, appearing next to Nicholas before finally disappearing as he can now move on. As Sarah hugs Matt, Nicholas walks away as the family gathers around Matt.

As Sarah narrates how God works in mysterious ways, we are told that Matt's cancer disappeared, and that the house was rebuilt and resold with no further reported incidents of haunting.

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