The Invasion The Invasion
Film Date :   August 17, 2007
Genre :   Thriller Science Fiction   
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The Invasion

The Invasion

The Invasionis a 2007 science fiction thriller film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig , directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel , with additional scenes written by the Wachowski brothers and directed by James McTeigue .

The Invasionis the fourth film adaptation of the 1955 novelThe Body Snatchersby Jack Finney , following Don Siegel 's 1956 filmInvasion of the Body Snatchers, Philip Kaufman 's 1978 remake of the same name , and Abel Ferrara 's 1993Body Snatchers.

After the space shuttlePatriotcrashes on Earth, a fungus-like alien lifeform is discovered on the remaining parts scattered over US territory. Once people get in contact with the organism, they are being controlled by it when they enter REM sleep . One of the first people infected is Tucker Kaufman, a CDC director investigating the crash.

Tucker's ex-wife, psychiatrist Carol Bennell, begins to feel something is amiss when people seem to have "changed". Her patient Wendy Lenk describes how her husband "is not her husband", and one of her son's friends acts detached and emotionless. At a neighbourhood kids party, Carol's son Oliver discovers a strange lifeform. The mothers speculate if the organism is in any way connected to the reports of a fast-spreading flu. Carol takes the organism to her doctor friend Ben Driscoll to have it checked. Meanwhile, Tucker uses the CDC to spread the disease further, disguising the spores as flu inoculations.

When Carol drives her son Oliver to his father Tucker, a terrified woman runs through the street screaming "they are coming" and gets hit by a car. The police are uninterested in taking a report from Carol who witnessed the accident. Later at a party of Ben's friend Belicec, Carol has a debate with Russian embassy member Yorish. Yorish argues that given the proper circumstances, any person was capable of any crime or atrocity and that a world without violence would be a world where human beings ceased to be human.

Ben and Dr. Stephen Galeano, a biologist, discover how the spore takes over the brain during REM sleep. They also find that people who had brain affecting illnesses, such as encephalitis or ADEM , are immune to the spore because their previous illnesses prevents the spore from "latching on" to the brain matter. Carol's son, Oliver, is immune to the spore because of the ADEM he had as a young child. Carol decides to get her son, who might show a way to a cure, back from Tucker. Before she drives to Tucker's house, she joins Ben's team who are called to the house of the Belicecs in a case of emergency. There they witness Yorish's transformation.

When Carol arrives at Tucker's house, he and several colleagues close in on her. He explains that the changed humans, devoid of irrational emotions, are offering a better world, and asks her to join them. When Carol resists, he holds her to the ground and infects her by spurting his saliva on her. She escapes and returns to Ben at the Belicecs' house. They flee when Belicec returns with more transformed people intent on infecting anyone in the house. Galaneo and one of his assistants head to a base outside Baltimore where they and other scientists attempt to find a cure for the alien virus. Carol and Ben separate to find Oliver, who texts his location, the apartment of Tucker's mother, to Carol.

Carol makes her way to Tucker's mother, pretending to be one of the infected who are now in majority and systematically raiding the cities in search for the few non-infected humans left. Although she loses Ben, she finally manages to free Oliver and seeks refuge in a pharmacy. There she takes an assortment of pills, knowing that she and her son are safe as long as she doesn't fall asleep. She sends a message to Ben to let him know where to find her.

Finally Ben arrives, but Carol realizes that he too has become one of the infected. He tries to seduce her to give in to the new society, but also frankly states that there is no room for people like Oliver who are immune. Carol shoots him in the leg with a pistol she stole earlier from a transforming policeman, and flees with her son. With the infected closing in on them, Galeano picks them up with an army helicopter at the last second. They head back to the base, where scientists use Oliver's blood to create a vaccine.

One year later, most victims of the infection have been cured, having no memory of the events which took place during their illness. Asked by a reporter if he considers the virus to be under control, Galeano replies that a look at the newspaper headlines should be proof enough that humanity acted human again. At her home, Carol helps her son to get ready for school, while Ben, now apparently her partner, reads the morning newspaper. He expresses his dismay about the violence in the world. Carol remembers Yorish's remark that a world without violence would be a world where human beings ceased to be human.

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