The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Film Date :   August 14, 2015
Genre :   Comedy Action Adventure   
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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The Man from an action comedy spy film directed by Guy Ritchie and co-written by Lionel Wigram and Ritchie, based on the 1964 MGM television series of the same name , which was created by Sam Rolfe . The film stars Henry Cavill , Armie Hammer , Alicia Vikander , Elizabeth Debicki and Hugh Grant . The film was released on August 14, 2015.

In 1963, East Berlin , ex-con turned leading CIA agent Napoleon Solo is tasked with tracking down a woman named Gabby Teller, whose missing father is a Nazi scientist who had worked for the U.S. government. Whilst Gabby herself denies having any knowledge of her estranged father's location she agrees to help him after being warned that if she stays in Berlin, she will be killed. Solo becomes aware that he has been followed since his arrival at the shop and as they leave they are pursued and shot at by Illya Kuryakin , a top KGB agent who impresses Solo with his reckless pursuit and by nearly stopping their car by hand. In the end, Solo manages to transport Gabby over the Berlin Wall into West Berlin , with Kuryakin left behind.

The following day, Solo meets his handler, Saunders, in a park's men's restroom to be told of his new objective when suddenly Kuryakin walks in. The two fight it out before Saunders, and his KGB counterpart Oleg, arrive and announce that the two are now partners. They reveal that Gabby's uncle Rudi works for an Italian shipping company owned by Alexander and Victoria Vinciguerra, with Victoria being the true brains of the operation despite her husband's wealth, whose father was suspected of smuggling Nazi gold out of Europe to Argentina after WWII ended. Using Rudi as an informant, the two are planning to use Gabby's father to create their own private nuclear weapon. The CIA and KGB insist the two agents work together, although each man is under private orders to steal the important computer data for their respective governments.

In a private talk, the spies tensely detail what they know of each other. Solo was a former U.S. soldier who turned to art theft, stealing and selling antiques and artwork across Europe. Finally captured, the CIA felt his talents were too valuable to waste in prison and offered him a role in the CIA, in exchange for his 15-year sentence. Kuryakin mocks Solo's criminal history and in turn Solo harshly describes Kuryakin's dark past. Kuryakin's father was a former high-ranking aide for Stalin but was convicted of embezzling funds and sent to Siberia, imprisoned in a gulag there. His mother also held a reputation as a whore, and upon Solo's insult of her, he suddenly stands, overturns the table and leaves. Kuryakin is prone to psychotic episodes as a result of his anger and history of shame and is strongly affected by his remaining pride.

Solo meets Gabby later during an undisclosed time period in an Italian boutique where she is trying on expensive clothes. Solo gives her his opinions on her fashion taste when Kuryakin turns up and does the same, revealing that she must go undercover as his fiancé as part of the mission. Gabby is outraged to learn that her cover is to introduce Kuryakin as her architect fiancé to her uncle but Solo insists they go on. The trio travel to Rome and check into a hotel in the centre of the city to await further orders. Solo believes that enemy agents are watching them and that they must not react to any threat as it will blow their cover. During a mock romantic walk with Gabby through the city, Kuryakin is tested by a pair of goons who proceed to steal his father's watch and he forces himself not to fight them. Gabby is able to calm him down, thus establishing that Kuryakin has feelings for her. Upon their return to the hotel, Solo seduces the hotel desk clerk into sex and as she leaves, discovers that tracking devices have been placed in his belongings and throughout his room. In the other hotel room, Kuryakin is sulking as a result of losing the watch and Gabby offers vodka to relax him. As he refuses, she walks into the bedroom and turns on the radio, proceeding to dance through the hotel room. Kuryakin moves to go to bed and end her silliness when she repeatedly blocks him. After tempting him to dance with her, she then wrestles him to the floor but before they kiss, passes out leaving the agent to carry her to bed. The next morning, both men confront one another with how each had planted listening devices in the other's room.

The following day, the trio are sent to spy at an exclusive race track party hosted by the Vinciguerras. Solo steals an invitation off of a man named Waverly and impresses Victoria with his skills as a thief by stealing her own jewelry. He offers her help in "filling the gaps" in her art collection and she begins to see him as an interesting asset. Gabby introduces Kuryakin to her uncle who insults him for being Russian. Kuryakin excuses himself and takes out his rage by beating up a trio of men in a bathroom. Gabby flirts with Alexander Vinciguerra before the group leaves, leading to him offering her a job in his corporation and inviting her on a date. After checking secret photos he took, Kuryakin finds evidence that Alexander and Victoria were recently near radiation and theorizes that the bomb must be close.

That night, Solo and Kuryakin find each other breaking into the same shipping yard for evidence and reluctantly agree to work together. They discover a safe which Solo opens but the uranium for the bomb is already gone. After triggering an alarm, they are chased by guards into the nearby bay. Kuryakin attempts to escape the enemy in a boat while Solo swims to shore to find shelter in a parked truck. After seeing Kuryakin's boat set alight and destroyed, he then drives the truck off the pier to crush the enemy boat. As the boat and truck sink, the headlights illuminate an unconscious Kuryakin drowning and Solo dives down to save him. Hearing of the break-in, Victoria goes to the hotel to catch the agents red-handed but Solo manages to return to his room before she does, managing to seduce her into sex.

The following day, Solo meets with Victoria while Gabby meets with Rudi and Alexander at their mansion with Kuryakin listening in. He overhears Gabby betraying their mission and explains that she had been using them the whole time, leaving Kuryakin to run to safety as hounds are released. Now that Gabby is an accomplice, Victoria drugs Solo and abducts him. He wakes up tied to a chair in a private room with Rudi, who reveals himself to be an infamously sadistic Nazi torturer. Rudi shows him a book full of photos of his victims and uses an electric chair to torture Solo to the point of internal bleeding. Kuryakin breaks into the room and frees Solo, putting Rudi in his place. Much to Solo's distaste, Kuryakin uses the chair to make Rudi tell them that the bomb is being kept at an island fortress. The two spies leave the room to discuss what to do with Rudi but a short-circuit causes the chair to electrocute the Nazi, causing him to burn to death. At the island, Gabby meets her father for the first time in years. She slaps him for what he has done but he reveals that he only did it because he was being held against his will. Together, they attempt to sabotage the bomb but are caught by Victoria. Victoria orders Gabby to be taken away and killed and forces Gabby's father to complete the bomb. After he reluctantly hands over the data, Victoria promises that he will see his daughter soon and shoots him point blank.

Solo and Kuryakin are picked up by Waverly, who turns out to be a British agent, and reveals that Gabby has been working for British Intelligence for two years and that the CIA and KGB nearly ruined their operation to find her father. Kuryakin is reluctant to believe Gabby's innocence but is also relieved. Solo receives a private message telling him to kill Kuryakin as soon as the mission ends, leaving the man heavily conflicted. The two men lead the MI5 taskforce in an attack on the island whilst Alexander drives the armed bomb and captured Gabby away on a jeep. Solo pursues in a dune buggy while Kuryakin chases on a motorcycle. Solo keeps close tail but Kuryakin punctures two of the tires, leaving Solo and Gabby helpless to watch as the Jeep throws Kuryakin from his bike. Kuryakin is left dazed and as Solo attempts to pull a wounded Gabby from the vehicle, Alexander attacks him, leaving him and the injured Gabby to fight him off. During the fight, Alexander nearly kills Solo but Kuryakin regains consciousness and stabs him in the head. While Solo transmits their information to Waverly, Kuryakin cradles Gabby and helps her to stand. Waverly warns that the missile Solo destroyed is not the nuclear one and that Victoria is in possession of the armed weapon. Solo figures out she is using her father's old fishing boat to smuggle the nuke to a sub where her Nazi allies are waiting. Solo tricks Victoria into issuing threats to him, taunting her into believing that her husband died a begging coward, and uses the radio signal to have the missile they possess to be fired from the British military's aircraft carrier and explode the boat. Waverly confirms that the bomb and Victoria have been destroyed.

After returning to Rome, Gabby moves to kiss Kuryakin goodbye but is interrupted by Waverly's men. Before her security take her away, Kuryakin hands Gabby her 'engagement' ring, telling Gabby to keep it as a memento if they never meet again. Now alone, Kuryakin hears from Oleg that Solo is in possession of the data disk and threatens him with the same fate that his father met if he doesn't kill the American. Kuryakin becomes enraged and destroys the hotel room. As Kuryakin enters his room, Solo suspects that something isn't right and moves the gun in his suitcase within reaching distance. Seeing that Kuryakin is moving to pull a weapon on him once his back is turned, he turns and holds out Kuryakin's father's watch, revealing that he found it on an enemy agent. Kuryakin realizes that he cannot kill Solo and Solo reveals that he had decided against their shared objective, to kill the other. The two men decide to destroy the disc, rather than allow either of their countries get a major advantage over the other. Waverly and Gabby appear just as the characters are about to leave, informing the spies that they are now working under Waverly and his new organization: U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement), with a new case awaiting them in Istanbul, Turkey.

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