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Film Date :   November 26, 2003
Genre :   Action Fantasy Science Fiction Adventure   
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Timelineis a 2003 science fiction film, directed by Richard Donner . It stars Paul Walker , Frances O'Connor , Billy Connolly , David Thewlis , Gerard Butler and Anna Friel . It is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton . Jerry Goldsmith was originally set to score, which would have been Goldsmith's last score before his death in 2004, but was replaced by Brian Tyler , after being rejected by Donner due to post-production complications.

The film begins with a man trying to escape through the forest from the pursuing knight. Just as the knight catches him and hits him with the sword the man disappears. Soon after that the man is discovered barely alive in the middle of the desert, only able to tell a single word - Castlegard. He dies shortly after being transferred to the hospital. One of the physicians discovers a pendant around his neck with the ITC Corp. label. The X-ray photos show many internal organs, veins and bones are out of alignment for an unknown reason. Soon after that an ITC Corp. employee shows up and identifies the dead man as Vincent Taub. He picks up his body and the company decides to cover up the incident.

Archaeologist Prof. Edward Johnston ( Billy Connolly ) and his students Kate Erickson ( Frances O'Connor ), Josh Stern ( Ethan Embry ), François Dontelle ( Rossif Sutherland ), and André Marek ( Gerard Butler ) have been sponsored by the ITC Corp. to excavate the ruins of the village of Castlegard in France near La Roque Castle; the village was burned in 1357 during the Hundred Years War as part of a massive battle, incited by the hanging of Lady Claire, the sister of Arnaud de Cervole , that led the French to victory. Prof. Johnston's son, Chris ( Paul Walker ), is also present at the excavation, but more due to his infatuation with Kate. During the excavation they find the interesting sarcophagus of a French knight and his lady with one of the knight's ears missing.

Prof. Johnston is suspicious of information given to him by ITC and flies back to their headquarters in New Mexico while his students continue to examine the ruins. After not hearing from the professor for a while, the team accidentally discovers a 600 year old parchment with a plea for help written by the professor, along with a bifocal lens from the professor's glasses. When the team contacts ITC and demand to know what is going on, ITC invites the students to their facility. ITC president Robert Doniger ( David Thewlis ) and vice-president Steven Kramer ( Matt Craven ) meet the students and explain they were developing the device for teleportation but have discovered a wormhole with one end fixed at Castlegard in 1357. This means they have built a machine that effectively allows time travel . Doniger explains that Prof. Johnston has been extended the opportunity to travel back to the past, but somehow got trapped, and would like the students to help save their professor. Chris, Kate, François and André agree, and, along with ITC security personnel, are given appropriate clothing and special markers that will return them to the present when pressed, but the markers have a 6 hour window.

The group is transported to the past but quickly find themselves amid a battle between English and French forces, killing one of the security guards; another guard is killed as he is preparing to throw a grenade while pressing his marker, and when his body, with the live grenade, return to the present, the machine is destroyed by the grenade's explosion, leaving the other students trapped. André happens to save a woman trapped in the battle, who turns out to be Lady Claire ( Anna Friel ), unwittingly having changed history by saving her. Lady Claire takes the students to meet Arnaut ( Lambert Wilson ), but they are soon captured by English forces and taken to Lord Oliver de Vannes ( Michael Sheen ), who believes they are spies. He kills François as an example and throws them in prison where the professor is being held.

The group attempt escape using their collective knowledge of the history of the battle, but soon encounter Sir William DeKere ( Marton Csokas ), in reality a former ITC employee named William Decker. Decker reveals that his body has been ravaged by repeated use of the time travel machine that causes damage to his DNA and internal organs, a fact that Doniger has refused to acknowledge and left Decker stranded in the past. Decker takes their markers, forcing the group to become involved with the battle in order to stay alive. During this, André finds himself falling in love with Lady Claire, while Chris and Kate work together with Arnaut to help flank the English troops at La Roque Castle via the secret tunnel, allowing the battle to turn in favor of the French as it did in the original history. Lord Oliver captures Lady Claire but is killed by Arnaut, and André is attacked by DeKere who cuts his ear off. Realizing he is the knight buried in the sarcophagus he uses all his power to defeat and kill DeKere. The students are then able to recover three of the markers and move away to return to the present time.

In the present, Josh and Kramer have reassembled the machine, despite Doniger's eagerness to write the students off as a loss. When the machine is completed, the markers become active. André tells Chris and Kate to return with the professor, having found his true purpose in life and his true love in Lady Claire. As the three begin to return, Doniger attempts to stop them by running into the machine, worried that his treachery will be discovered. He instead is sent back in time as Chris, Kate, and the professor return; Doniger is quickly cut down by a charging English knight. Sometime later, the students have returned to Castlegard, and discover André's legacy, having married Lady Claire and raising three children, Christophe, Katherine, and François.

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