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Film Date :   May 1, 2015
Genre :   Drama Comedy   
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Welcome to Me

Welcome to Me

is a 2014 American comedy drama film directed by Shira Piven and written by Eliot Laurence. The film stars Kristen Wiig , James Marsden , Linda Cardellini and Wes Bentley . The film was released on May 1, 2015 in a limited release .

Alice Klieg ( Kristen Wiig ), a single woman living on disability benefits due to her borderline personality disorder , spends most of her time watching television and much of her money on lottery tickets. Eventually, she wins the jackpot of $86 million. When she appears on the news celebrating her win, she is angry when the speech she had prepared is suddenly cut off when she mentions masturbation on the air. She then decides to discontinue her medication, against the wishes of her therapist, Daryl Moffat ( Tim Robbins ), and move into a casino hotel.

During a vitamin supplement infomercial run by Gabe Ruskin ( Wes Bentley ), Alice, who is in the studio audience, responds to his request for a volunteer, hijacks the broadcast and recites her speech once again (though is again cut off by program director Dawn Hurley ( Joan Cusack )). Gabe's brother and studio-head, Rich ( James Marsden ), sees the marketing potential in her quirky personality and Alice responds to this by requesting her own show. Rich sees this as an opportunity to finally make a profit for his studio. At the subsequent meeting, Alice requests 100 two-hour long episodes of her show, which she has titledWelcome to Me, in which she discusses whatever happens to be on her mind at the time. Despite the cost to produce the show, she promptly pays for it in full, much to the shock and elation of Rich. Though Gabe is reluctant to see to the show's production, mostly because of the vague and random nature of her show, Alice invites Gabe out on a date, the two have sex and begin a relationship. The first episode is awkward, involving segments such as her making a meatloaf cake (which she also consumes live, in real-time ) as well as an acted sketch where she publicly shames a woman who had wronged her 20 years prior in high school. Alice is disappointed with the first episode's quality and wants it to resemble the highly-polished Oprah . After spending more money, she revamps the set to include a rotating stage, as well as an exact replica of her house.

As the bizarre show's popularity grows, so does the show's quality and production value. However, her friends and family, including her mother and her best friend Gina Selway ( Linda Cardellini ), become more alienated as a result, especially when Alice produces a sketch where she depicts Gina as fat because of her preference for one-piece swimsuits over two-piece bikinis. Problems escalate when Rainer Ybarra ( Thomas Mann ), a college newspaper reporter, interviews Alice about her rising stardom. While the two sit in her limousine talking, she persistently asks him if he wants a blowjob , which offer is finally accepted. This tryst is inadvertently revealed on her show by a secretly recorded phone call with Moffat, which greatly upsets both him and Gabe. After a cooking incident on the show in which Alice accidentally burns her chest and arms with hot chili (then loses her temper, erupts in a stream of profanities and attacks Gabe and the studio crew), she suddenly formulates a sketch to neuter dogs live on her show. At this point, Gabe finally quits, realizing that she has gone too far. Rich continues to support Alice's decision until he and the studio are served with numerous slander lawsuits by people Alice had portrayed on her show, presented with health code violations related to the neutered dogs, and subjected to other damages (including an additional lawsuit filed by Gabe). Rich angrily insists Alice cancel the neutering segment immediately, and after she sees signs of disinterest in her audience, she abandons her recording early and goes on an indefinite hiatus. After settling all of the lawsuits, Alice is left with $7 million of her winnings.

Alice suffers a nervous breakdown on the main floor of the casino, among the patrons. After being hospitalized she finally resumes her medication; Gina visits her and berates her for her selfish attitude towards the people she has hurt and her lack of empathy towards them. After being released, Alice apologizes to Dr. Moffat personally, and then she contacts Rich over doing a final episode of Welcome to Me. She invites her family and Gina to the recording, but Gina does not show up. Throughout the show, Alice holds a lavish telethon in an attempt to find suitable owners for the dogs she's neutered, as well as repenting for the wrongs she did throughout her own life, including apologizing to Gabe for cheating on him. Gina finally arrives, and in the show's last moments, Alice gives a heartfelt apology to her and praises her for her patience and being her friend, then presenting her a check for the remaining $7 million of her lottery winnings.

Her life now back to normal, Gabe takes Alice home and gives her a camcorder as a gift. When she goes to bed, she finally turns off her television that she's left on continuously for over eleven years.

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