David Kaye 10/14/1964 , (57 years old) in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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David V. Hope (born October 14, 1964), better known by his stage name, David Kaye, is a Canadian actor who is most active in voice overs. His most recognized roles include Sesshomaru in the shōnen animeInuYasha, Treize Khushrenada in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Megatron in five of the Transformers series (Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Energon, and Transformers: Cybertron), Cronus in Class of the Titans, and Clank in the Ratchet & Clank series of video games. He is the in house announcer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO providing his voice for the "And Now This" segments in the middle of the show.

poster Up (2009)

Newsreel Announcer (voice)

poster Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

Hugo / General (voice)

poster Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie (2020)

Grandpa Ken / Max Tennyson / Azmuth Humungousaur / Omni-Kix Humungousaur / Omni-Naut Humungousaur / Shock Rock / Omni-Naut Shock Rock (voice)

poster Ben Gen 10 (2021)

Max Tennyson / Shock Rock (voice)

poster Night of the Living Carrots (2011)

The Missing Link (voice)

poster A Marriage of Convenience (1998)

Kevin William Winslow

poster DC Showcase: Blue Beetle (2021)

The Question (voice)

poster At Jesus' Side (2008)

Sykosus / 1st Pharisee / Passover Visitor (voice)

poster Kong: King of Atlantis (2005)

Prof. Ramon De La Porta

poster DC Nation - SHAZAM! - "Stamina" (2014)

Shazam / Evil Eye (voice)

poster DC Nation - Tales of Metropolis - "Jimmy Olsen" (2013)

Clark Kent / Not Bizarro / Superman (voice)

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